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Nice work, sista pede! I got one of my lib friends to watch Scientific Proof after I told him we know the machine fraud goes at least as far back as W's second term. He was lik, "Wait....are you saying BOTH sides rig it?" And I was like, "Uniparty, dude. Total corruption." And he said he'd watch it finally....


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Hold strong, pede. 🙏🏾

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Nice. I know it's lip-synced but one complete take is pretty cool. Quality mullet.

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All my most "punk rock" or "rebellious hippie" friends from my whole life cucked to authority faster than a crack whole to her pimp.

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Nice. Thx

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Honestly, don't even care. Restaurants enforcing this shit deserve everything they get. Sorry some random asian girl got put in the middle.

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I tried to be nice to him. Didn't know much about him. Now he's on a rampage trashing this place. Wtf?

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Are they giving him shit on twatter like in gab?

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"Straphanger"? Like a person holding the strap standing on a train?

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