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Can you even put Pureblood/MAGA on a dating app now? Or would they ban you?

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MGTOW is promoted by same globalists who hate God's plan.

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Here's another alt..... don't know about their policy though. But clothes look solid. Made in USA


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It's not really good to encourage, but it's interesting psychologically how hard the tables might just turn now that it's proven how useless they were the whole time. Wait until more Normies realize they destroyed their hearts with guvernment pushed jabs.....

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"Cogently" is like a big acheivment in their eyes! They know.

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Bernard Tomic also had to take medical time out after complaining of breathing difficulties during the early stages of the second set, but he managed to soldier on. “No air is going in. I’m getting tired so easy,” Tomic was heard telling medical staff. “Is anyone else complaining today?” he wanted to know. “No, it’s been okay,” said the medic.


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Might this committee give us the hearing we wanted the whole time? That would be ironic.

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Agreed. History will note it as a great day for America. The first day modern patriots stood up for themselves.

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Whole week was like this: One WEEK in NSW Australia: 133 of 176 Covid Deaths were Vaxxed = 76%!


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