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I was a high school football player in the ‘80’s. Went to an away game at Oregon and I scored 3 touchdowns. My best game ever. Don’t know if they were always weak or if we destroyed them forever.

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Dr. Seuss with the genius level kids book. Sweet meme.

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Not sure how true but my understanding is that membership is mostly the lowest ranking doctors, GP’s and pediatricians.

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OP, are you calling QE2 an evil lizard? Why?

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Cows don’t snuggle and they really usually don’t stand still for “pets”. I hand feed every day and they do seem to like some scratches behind the ears, on the neck. What’s funny is the farmer who sold this experience. I see bicycles and walkers and runners go by every day and want to offer up a farm workout for a small fee. Can’t hardly find help, should start charging yuppies.

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This is the truth. Family values and hard work. Woketards couldn’t comprehend the joy found at their Thanksgiving table.

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I am the only person I know who did not get the shot.

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Some people have ugly kids. She made herself look less “Hubble-like” with the surgery, but seems to be trending towards “Schumer-Penguin”.

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Farmer here with cattle and sheep. Animals graze and fertilize and the sun and the rain are free. This enterprise is more solar powered than a Tesla. Sure, I bale the hay with a tractor to get through the winter but I won’t let anyone say my animals are a problem. I think the retards living in little houses in big cities wish they lived as well as my livestock.

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First I heard of this. Doubt everything. Supporting info would be great.

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Stoopid games, stoopid prizes….. still, wish I could have protected her with a Barret .50 BMG.

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He got through this with a list of statements which he considered true, some posturing/tough guy talk….and didn’t say anything. This wimp is has a square rectum from the bricks he’s been shitting.

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I watched that FBI building being built, it’s a fortress. I always wondered why Cincinnati needed to spend so much money in this town…..never liked it.

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