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The article makes the point of the OSHA mandate being overthrown....but that's not what is covering the medical world.

What is covering the medical world is the quietly enforced Medicare/Medicaid mandate, which no court has ruled upon.

Any practice not following the mandate forgoes participation in the Medicaid/Medicare systems. While some smaller organizations and private practices have rejected participating in them, these are the lifeblood for the bigger corporate medical ventures.

$$$ is a bigger influence on public health than the Hippocratic oath.....

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Australian woman charged with setting a fire....

And the sign on the side says, "Bushfire"?

Makes you wonder about having sex with her....

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Fortunately, white-tailed deer in Texas have natural immunity due to disobeying lockdown and mask orders.

Dressed out my two bucks and a doe 2 weeks ago, no problems. None of the deer had masks, and I saw no need to wear one as well.....

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Australia has come full circle....

They started off as a penal colony for a globally supreme power, and they will end up being the same thing at their end.

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I choose not to throw out the science, so, yes, I agree with you that the Vaxxes are pre-selecting for new variants.

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I stashed mine in one of the hundreds of container ships offshore.

Good luck to ATF finding it. Even better luck if they successfully find the exact container on said ship...

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It was brought in by the Vaxed...or maybe the simplest answer is this: The Vax IS the variant of the day.

Every variant is spread by the vaccination program itself. The variants are...the boosters.

Change my mind.

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Damn....yoiu're right.

My old eyes again....

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All of these are dated post Biden inaugural....Trump was not in office.....

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About to process two bucks and put them in the freezer tomorrow.

Saw the going "sale" price for brisket this evening - $3.79 per pound.

That means a very good cryo-wrapped brisket is going for nearly $90.

The parallels between us and the Weimar Republic cannot be any clearer...

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Given the declining state of the American military, India could pull this off.....

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Jon Wycliffe of England, and Huss & Jerome of Czechoslovakia, saw the deep rot of corruption long before Martin Luther did.

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Just attended a wedding 2 weeks ago, and saw this happen in real time. A cousin in law that I always thought was based went Agent Smith when it came to protecting the Vax. Turns out, he's not nearly as based as I thought he was.

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I have to say this....

Jesus wasn't just overthrowing a meaningless Jewish power structure that made a mockery of what God was actually trying to do with mankind.

Jesus has overthrown a global power structure which stretches back to the earthly Nimrod, is rooted on earth in Cain's and Adam's rebellions, where Adam's rebellion was triggered by Eve's Fall, and is sourced in the Devil's rebellion in Heaven before the throne of God.

Revelation 12:7-9 shows us a snapshot of that war Jesus marshals His forces for. It didn't go well for the once-covering cherub in heaven, and hasn't gone well for him here, either.

The Cross was a different weapon for a kind of war we can scarcely fathom, as that war looks like everyday life and chaos to us. And the Devil wielded the Cross so effectively he destroyed his own cause and lost that war.

That fact that we're on the "downhill side" of that war doesn't mean we shouldn't, or can't, take up arms and protect the rights to Life and Liberty God entrusts to us, when the Unjust Governments refuse to recognize those rights.

John 18:36 - There is a time and a place to fight. The events leading to the Cross was not one of those times. God's people throughout time have been called to fight for their existence, before and after the Cross.

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to Zuckerberg, prison time would be a great motivator to stop his shit."

Forcing him to go work alongside the child miners ,in one of China's rare earths mines (dotted across Africa and Asia), would be an even better motivator.

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What our new government is trying to assert, is their right to do whatever they want to you, and you being powerless to stop this.

Impossible standards for us to obey; the ability to wreak criminal havoc with impunity for them.

Finding Kyle guilty today will go a VERY long way to establishing this precedent.

Welcome to the "new" America.

Since the media made it about race....Rejoice, minorities! You can with impunity wreak your "privilege" today! Yet, when you have enjoyed your temporary "privilege" runs out, you, also, will be subject to this same ugliness from your masters.

The US will be Yugoslavia in the '90's, after Tito died, in about 2-5 years, and we will remain so for a very long time. Too many Americans believe the the propaganda, because they cannot conceive their government and leaders are actually planning evil against them.

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In reading the Oklahoma statement....The Pentagon's insistence is simply a "tell me the Pentagon isn't issuing lawful orders without saying those words" overreach.

Who knew that simple, little Oklahoma would stand up and be counted like Florida?

by XlDEN
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Doesn't matter who he fought for.

Last WWII veteran marching in a Victory Day parade? Respect.

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Don't forget about Juan Wick...

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You want Chinese prostitutes?

Look no further than Congress, my frens...

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Kenosha Kid for the openers, and Schroeder - Berserker Mode to close it out.

Grambo doing close support.

Done deal.

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That's an insult to meerkats everywhere!

Meerkats have an actual cuteness to them...Binger is abhorrent to the bone.

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