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I have to get back to you with a better response, but look for

IL-4 and IL-13, IL-33 in regards to TH2. JAK3

Just thinking off the top of my head

Just from a logic point of view, TH1 is more geared towards helping against Bacteria.

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I'd have to read that closely to get a better idea when I have some time

CD8T should require an infected cell. The vaccines shouldn't do that because they are based on the spike protein. This could be why natural immunity is superior to the vaccines.

I'm not an expert in this kind of drug class lr the immune systems really. I'm more so putting together a meta analysis

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It's not even like a normal person can get accurate information if they live in America. Unless they know about engines like science direct and know how to read posts and journals.

If you really want to mind fuck people, tell them the current vaccines are designed to protect against the spike Protein of the viral envelope, not the actual Virus. (This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Just note worthy).

And then tell them the "delta variant" isn't really a concern mutation of the virus, it's a missense of the spike protein. Calling it a variant is misleading.

For people who might have read a little Wikipedia, I bet they assume "well it's an RNA virus. So why not use an RNA vaccine". Despite this being 2 completely different uses of the term RNA

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It's from T Helper Type 2 Cells . You can currently still read about these with a simple search. Hasn't been erased from existence yet

The RNA based vaccines activate these more than expected.

RNA vaccines were supposed to be safer and more effective (since more specific) than DNA Plasmid vaccines, but it ended up being the opposite. DNA Plasmid vaccines specifically avoid TH-C 2

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Do you know the exact cause of death?

Because in terms of the immune system, there could be both high or low lymphocytes that cause issues.

This is of interest for me because I'm writing a paper about the dangers of "t helper type 2 cells" with synthetic RNA vaccines.

What makes this a concerning issue is if you have a stronger immune system, you're more likely to utilize these to produce excess cytokines. This can cause inflammation or blood clots (kind of a paradox) and asthma like symptoms. In fact, with kids, it literally is the cause of asthma

It should be noted that swollen lymph nodes after taking the drug/vaccine isn't necessarily a sign of anything bad.

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Voting for him isn't necessarily important.

Important part is getting 50% for recall. Because all he really needs to do is win within that group

So people who like Bruce Jenner or anyone else still help. As long as they vote for recall

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We are MAGA. Trump's movement. We are loyal to the movement. Not the man.

I'd have no issue with him recommending the vaccines if social media and the media actually allowed discussion on it.

I'm in the drug development field, so I understand human biology, chemistry, where to find actual medical/science posts, etc.

Your average person doesn't, because they shouldn't have to if it's not their job. But if they wanted to do research, they can't. It's all blocked

So it's not possible for them to make informed decisions. They can't really decide for themselves.

So it's either Do as you're told, or question why they are silencing so much, and automatically become "anti vax"

This is really just an American problem. It's not like other countries don't have scientists. And they don't have the financial stake America has.

America went ALL IN on the RNA vaccine idea. We spent billions before they showed any kind of efficiency. It was understandable, because it was supposed to be an improvement on DNA plasmid/vector and "inactive virus" didn't seem possible.

RNA (either nanoparticle or vector) vaccines for this Chyna virus/spike protein ended up being the worst of the vaccine types Being used. But America can't let it's people know that

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The other side cares more about him than we do

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Are you talking about the US Constitution or a state one?

The US Constitution I'm assuming suggests that states run their own elections. Because you vote for the state electors, not the President himself.

I think this is the basis for the Supreme Court saying they have no authority here.

I don't know enough to say if they are correct. I would say a rigged election in one state affects every other state, so it is a federal matter

If you mean state constitution, I also wouldn't know

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Maybe because I'm only in my 20s, but why do I not have the negative view of North Korea that I'm expected to?

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You're assuming by using the word mental issue, it makes them a bad person.

The human body is designed to be heterosexual. From our reproductive system, our reproductive organs, and how our sex hormones influence "sex seeking" behavior.

So why would homosexuality not be a mental illness? What makes "sexuality" different?

That doesn't mean a gay person should seek treatments, if and when they exist. But anyone with a mental illness could feel that same way

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They aren't born gay. But that doesn't mean they choose to be gay. Just like you don't choose to have cancer

Unfortunately, nobody is willing to actually study why people become gay..we have a few initial studies, but they always stop there

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ACE2 is so complicated, there's not even a consensus on if they should be considered a receptor or an enzyme.

And then there's differences between effects from increased number of ACE2, and effects of increased expression of ACE2. And location of the enzymes matter as well

Increased expression can degrade ACE2 so you have less. But not vice versa.

Normally, this is self regulating. But once you start deliberately interacting with it, there's going to be side effects. In a healthy person, these side effects are always bad.

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There's an argument for forced diversity for something like a marketing or advertising department.

But there, race and gender could be considered a skill. Because they may be better at relating to specific customers.

Unfortunately, they think that means commercials all need mixed race couples, even mythical ones like an Asian man with a black woman. Or Two fathers. Or a girl with a buzz cut.

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Johnson and Johnson's also didn't need to be frozen.

Since the drug price at this point takes cost into consideration, this meant it had to be cheaper.

There was the "manufacturing plant spoilage" in Baltimore that ruined 15 million doses. And the temporary halt to administering it because the other type of vector based vaccine caused a few issues in Europe

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Proactively trying to fight the virus instead of just treating infection/symptoms is pretty baffling at this point.

The kind of Immune response required is not harmless. Anything that requires such excessive Cytokine release (and b-cell mediated antibody class switching) will always bring a risk of heart, inflammation, and lung issues. Not to mention weaken your defense against other viruses, bacteria, and DNA damage.

This literally is one of the biggest reasons the virus can kill people. Not the virus itself, but the immune response. This is what "long COVID" is.

The proper plan of attack is not to use our immune system, but to prevent our body from creating an environment for the virus to thrive. Which can be done by inhibiting protease enzymes (ivermectin), binding to toll-9 receptor (hydroxychloroquine), or really anything that can alter ACE2 expression. Specifics aren't important

And really, because we have synthetic antibodies (like Regeneron) proven to work, you could literally get the protection the vaccines offer at any time. Hospitals have been granted permission to use these, but they aren't. It's sickening

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Americans are now forced to give 3 specific Pharmaceutical companies money

What is so special about these vaccines? Just because they came out first because of Operation Warp speed and looser FDA standards?

There's more effective vaccines being used throughout the world. Why can't I use one of those?

Not that I have any interest in getting any vaccine, I just find this whole thing to be quite the anti trust violation. And potentially harmful. I'm required to get a drug that's less effective than alternatives

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Am I wrong, or does the "or get tested once a week" leave the door open for someone to just tell their employer the test results say they must take off work?

Medical privacy laws certainly would protect you from having to reveal your test results (which is why they count every positive test as a "new case", even if it's the same person testing positive)

And the employer can't fire you because you're sick. So why ever go to work again?

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Even ignoring the absurdity of forcing people to take patented drugs (this is like a Monopoly of a Monopoly), who decided that the RNA approach was the best vaccine?

The "Science" clearly doesn't suggest this. The DNA plasmid vaccine seems to be not only more effective, but also safer because it avoids t helper cell type 2.

There's also improved versions of mRNA vaccines that better adjust to missenses in the spike Protein

We're really the only Country that's limiting itself to one vaccine type. Synthetic RNA in a nanoparticle achieves the same goal as RNA with an adenovirus vector. So there's no real difference.

I don't remember voting for the CDC or FDA or Fauci. And there's licensed, highly credible doctors and scientists who have grave concerns about these vaccines. Why can't I listen to them? Who decided they weren't qualified?

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Being infected by HIV would help reduce the effects of what I'm referring to. Obviously not realistic

Something that increases RNF128 expression would be the answer. But that brings in it's own issues like cell death and possibly some cancers

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I posted this in another thread but

"When it finally gets published in medical journals that the currently available vaccines in some ways increase the likelihood of getting infected, what will the response be?

The mRNA (either in a nanoparticle or attached to adenovirus vector) causes significant t helper cell type 2 activation. This is important for antibody class switching, but also increases ACE2 activity

More ACE2 enzymes give the Chyna virus more ways to enter.

So as we continue to have missenses and variants that the vaccines are less effective against, increased ACE2 enzymes will be very relevant"

I could put together somewhat of a meta analysis on this topic if people are interested in the "science" behind this. The relationship between t helper Type 2 and ACE2 isn't newly discovered. You can find tons of studies and papers on this both related to the Chinese virus and just in general over the last 20 years or so

What's coming out now is the RNA vaccines favoring Type 2. Other vaccine candidates, like the DNA plasmid, were specifically designed to avoid Type 2

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There's other approaches to a vaccine that wouldn't cause this issue

Specifically the DNA plasmid vaccine would favor t helper cell 1. I believe India is using this. American Big pharma and the CDC/FDA puppets are trying to call it "untested"

We'll never see it here. And it may not be safe to mix with the RNA vaccines

Doesn't mean that vaccine won't have it's own issues. And 99% of people would be better off just using other methods to treat symptoms instead of trying to prevent an infection proactively.

Just throwing it out there

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When it finally gets published in medical journals that the currently available vaccines in some ways increase the likelihood of getting infected, what will the response be?

The mRNA (either in a nanoparticle or attached to adenovirus vector) causes significant t helper cell type 2 activation. This is important for antibody class switching, but also increases ACE2 activity

More ACE2 enzymes give the Chyna virus more ways to enter.

So as we continue to have missenses and variants that the vaccines are less effective against, increased ACE2 enzymes will be very relevant

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Until they shut off your Internet, power, gas. And you have no idea what hit you because nobody can tell you.

That's why cities have the strictest gun laws

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