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Sand soaks up the most of it, the critters will get the rest.

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Two of the three were pedos. But yes, child rape is rampant with muslims (their idol mohammed was a pedo of course) and islam is cancer.

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I’d like to see this on the southern border, but forget the rug.

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Did everyone watch that whole video?? Because that fucking bitch reporter, after seeing witnesses say that it was the flight attendants fault, tried to tie it to the January 6 peaceful protest in Washington! Saying there’s been a spike since February of violent incidents on airplanes. Wow that fucking narrative goes deep!

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Update - Appears to be just another hate hoax. Police call it a “prank”.

“ LAKE SAINT LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- Police in Lake St. Louis are investigating a sign that was posted in the drive-thru lane of a Popeyes restaurant near Highway N and Highway 64/40.

Lt. Pat Doering said investigators are pretty confident that someone other than a Popeyes' employee posted the sign.

The sign said, "Effective 6-1-21 this restaurant is under new management and will reserve the right to refuse service to white people. We apologize for any inconvenience. Signed, general manager, Mason."

Photos of the sign were spreading widely across social media in St. Charles County and beyond. The photos are authentic according to Angela, who saw the same letter when she was in lunch on Monday.

The restaurant was closed on Wednesday, but there was a steady stream of vehicles driving through the drive-thru lane looking for the sign and worried about its potential impact.

"What it does is, it incites more hate," said a woman named Karen, who also asked to withhold her last name.

The manager of the restaurant told News 4 that the restaurant had to close Wednesday because of the backlash over the sign. He said surveillance video confirmed that the person who put up the sign was not an employee.

"That's good for the Popeyes, they didn't do that, but a community you shouldn't do anything like that that's going to stir up more problems," said Kats Berryhill, who came to the restaurant looking for the sign.

Lake St. Louis police said they believe the sign was part of a bad prank. Police checking to see if there's any connection to recent vandalism at the restaurant.”

Yeah, just a prank .. to foment more hate. Bastards.

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“Welcome mentally unstable and delusional faggots!” was the preferred message.

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We in Louisiana know damn good and well that this fucker is just trying to save face here. But we’ll never forget his treachery!

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mOrE hUwHiTe sUpReMiCy!! REEEE!!

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He rode Trump’s coattails into office and then turned on Trump and his voters, like a fucking snake! This faggot has to go!!

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When I came upon your post, I had to do a double take.. Your Buddy boy looks almost exactly like my Buster boy! From the thin white stripe on his head, almost gone from the whitening of his aged fur, to that beautiful tan ticking of a tri-color. What a beautiful, good boy! Your Buddy and my Buster are one year apart in age and I completely understand how you must be feeling. The purity of a beagle is through and through. They really do make some of the best companions on the planet. They have so much love to give and they never stop giving.. (unless there’s food nearby lol) It’s true that beagles leave paw prints on your heart forever. Have strength, fren. We’re praying for you and your Buddy boy. RIP Buddy boy, you done good.

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Agreed. Mealworms are quite possibly the best panfish bait ever.

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Well son of a bitch! I had just finished a job and was near where he was giving his rambling incoherent ‘speech’. If I had known that thieving demented fucker was coming to town, I would have stopped by to yell and heckle at that cocksucker!!

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