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Fracking can cause minor quakes.Waste water disposal wells can also cause small earthquakes since the fluid used in fracking must be put somewhere. Happens more where some seismic activity is already present.

It's not common but it can happen.

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The New Madrid Seismic Zone is fairly active.

From USGS - In the winter of 1811 and 1812, the New Madrid seismic zone generated a sequence of earthquakes that lasted for several months and included three very large earthquakes estimated to be between magnitude 7 and 8. The three largest 1811-1812 earthquakes destroyed several settlements along the Mississippi River, caused minor structural damage as far away as Cincinnati, Ohio, and St. Louis, Missouri, and were felt as far away as Hartford, Connecticut, Charleston, South Carolina, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

In Texas. mild earthquakes can be caused by fracking activities.

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Pele is the Hawaiian volcano deity, an elemental force, and the creator of these volcanic landscapes. According to tradition, she is embodied by the lava and natural forces associated with volcanic eruptions.

Pelé was admitted into a hospital earlier this week, as he has been in a fight with colon cancer. He had the tumor removed in September 2021, and has been undergoing chemotherapy since.

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Either have no rules, regulations, and articles.

Or enforce them. For everyone and everything.

Selective enforcement is what got us here.

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Noticed that. You'd think that would have been corrected but nothing shames the Shit Show Joe Admin.

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Yup. I was looking at January and still might. Because naturally, CA is a non-compliant license state.

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Good plan.

There's more "abandoned" airports and runways on rural acreage than you'd think.

And most private runways do not require permits. So long as there's 500+ feet of level land with suitable width, not difficult to build.

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From the article:

Brooklyn Councilman Ari Kagan is expected to switch his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican on Monday — and announce a general election challenge against one of his Democratic colleagues next year — three sources familiar with the matter told the Daily News.

Kagan, who was first elected in 2021 to represent Coney Island and other southern Brooklyn neighborhoods, is set to officially declare he’s becoming a Republican during an afternoon press conference at City Hall, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

As a Republican, Kagan plans to challenge Brooklyn Councilman Justin Brannan, a longtime member who serves as the Council’s Finance Committee chairman, according to the sources. Next year’s Council elections are Nov. 7.

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