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how the fuck does a male get a UTI without shoving filthy shit into his dick?

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My wife is also a NYC public school teacher...I'm sorry your friend has to deal with her husband being like that

Tell your friend to wait until the last possible moment she can and exhaust all other options...if Sept 27 is the deadline and she'll be fired on that day without a dose, get the shot on Sept 26. UFT claims it will stand up for exemptions for its members so religious exemption might be the best way to go.

Make sure she will absolutely be fired before she just gets the shot...they are playing a mind game and trying to scare people into getting shots in arms immediately. They might not even end up being able to enforce this on Sept 27 and then a lot of people will have gotten shots between the announcement and the apparent deadline because they got duped.

Do not fall for the mayor's grandstanding and MSM headlines, there will absolutely be exemptions allowed they will just be a pain in the ass to get approved and they won't want it to be publicized that exemptions are available. But it's worth the effort to at least try.







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Resist as long as you can...seriously try to get a religious exemption. They can not make you prove that you follow a certain religion.

AFLDS has legal resources, I suggest using their contact page to at least get in touch with a lawyer and explore your options.


If that won't work, try this:


This guy's comment seems like it might work also: https://patriots.win/p/12jwMHNmK3/x/c/4JDEOgBzAV6 ...keep in mind that you really only need the paperwork that says you got the shot. If you can get the doctor's office to sign the paper work without getting the shot in your arm, you're golden. I've contemplated offering cash to the nurse about to inject me if they'll just squirt the shot into the garbage can and sign the damn paperwork...

If you absolutely have to, go for J&J. It's an attenuated adenovirus that delivers viral DNA, not mRNA. It acts much more like a natural infection with SaRS-CoV2. Our cells have a mechanism for destroying adenoviruses as well as exogenous DNA, not the same for mRNA. That's the real danger of the mRNA vaccines - our cells have no mechanism for detecting, destroying, or removing exogenous mRNA, so the mRNA particles will stick around in your cells indefinitely, until they're basically washed away via the gradual exchange/replacement of cytoplasm that happens naturally. Exogenous DNA is quickly detected in human cells, it's the mechanism we have for dealing with viruses already.

The problems caused by the J&J vaccine are likely due to messy production processes (This was actually the mainstream story for the original "pause" of the J&J vaccine - there were problems during manufacturing and at one point they had to destroy 60 million doses that had been produced https://www.yahoo.com/now/j-j-destroy-60-million-232225717.html). The adjuvants and other poisons they put in the drug to stimulate your immune response are what cause the problems for people (this is the story of vaccines for decades now and if you paid attention to vaccine information advocates like ICAN, Del Bigtree, & Robert Kennedy Jr before the pandemic, you'd know that the adjuvants are the real problem with vaccines). The adjuvants are still in the drug so I'm not saying it's safe now, but it seems like they've cleaned up their production processes, especially after the spotlight that was cast on them with the "pause".

The reality is, if you've had other vaccines in your life and not had a bad reaction or long term illness/injury, then you're more likely to not have an issue with the J&J shot.

If you HAVE to get the shot:

I've seen someone comment on using a snake bite kit immediately after injection to suck the poison out of your arm.

I've also seen people recommend supplementing with aspirin and other vitamins (I believe something like the iMASK protocol) for 5 days or so after getting the shot. If I end up getting forced into it I will take the iMASK protocol including ivermectin (stock up on that horse paste)

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This retard has a podcast called "With The Benefit of Hindsight" and fucking coerced his wife into taking a drug with zero long-term data on its effects.

He deserves everything he gets...

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She could have had her kids wear masks on their own...just because the school isn't forcing it doesn't mean they couldn't choose to wear them. Never mind the fact that CDC says masks don't fucking work.

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Please don't dox, but can you share city and state where this based pediatrician is located?

Some of us still can't find responsible medical professionals to help care for our families

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"If you got a dick, you're not a chick"

The store owner says it in the part 2 video on the person's YouTube channel

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They play word games and use approved with a small 'a' because the drugs are 'approved' for Emergency Use Authorization. Approved with a big 'A' means fully approved for the indicated usage

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Contact AFLDS, they will connect you with a lawyer https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/forms/mask-vaccine-attorney-intake-form/

You have options, don't quit your job, make them fire you

Get a lawyer's advice on how to handle objecting to the injection, EEOC says that employers must provide a reasonable accommodation for anyone who has a medical or religious reason to not get injected, as well as people who want to wait for a different version of the vaccine

Don't seek advice from your company's HR or any of your supervisors. Talk to a LAWYER. It's probably a good idea to retain a lawyer (can be done for a small fee) if you don't already have one

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The federal gov't CANNOT mandate it, they are relying on (and pressuring) private employers to push this to their employees

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It will make zero difference, he has created an army of people to do his bidding whether alive or dead

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You won't be able to buy anything, you won't be able to travel anywhere, you won't be able to pay taxes, you will be arrested and then, yes a needle will be forced into your arm.

Likely won't happen in USA, at least not yet, but in authoritarian third and second world countries whose citizens don't enjoy the rights and freedoms afforded by the US Constitution, this will and has been happening

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They had the plan way before that, look at the SPARS 2025 report or the pandemic planning exercises like Event 201

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This is more coincidental than causational. Being published on Feb 26th, we need to know why it was published, and at who's direction. Since we're looking at the time period of Feb 25-27, this may have been published due to whatever changed Fauci's behavior. There's not really a clear indication that this memo being published is what caused the change in Fauci's behavior, rather it may have been a result of the change in behavior.

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Tim Pool has never and will never defend the first amendment. He's a grifter and a piece of shit

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They're also not approved because they don't fucking work

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