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The FBI already killed him.

They are using this as an excuse so nobody knows who it is.

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99% of LGBTQALKDIAAACX were abused as children.

The ones that tell you they were not are lying.

Sexual abuse of children is what makes fags and trannies.

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Same reason as everyone else.

To fill their coffers with hundreds of millions in donations.

These can be spent on private planes, 5 star hotels, nice dinners, clothing.

Pence can even pay each of his kids 1,000,000 a year to stuff envelopes for his campaign.

Also they are going to rig the primaries.

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Intel Slava is a Russian MOD funded telegram account.

Never have they ONCE put out a single thing that didnt turn out to be true.

One of the best sources of real info about the war.

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Hows your day going?

How much do you get paid per hour to shill for NAZI ukraine?

ALso god hates ukraine. Zelensky shut down the churches. Like a nazi.

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This is why we cant have nice things.

Third worlders.

Atleast this had to make so many liberals ENRAGED. HUGE red pill.

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This has nothing to do with child labor.

Unless of course you mean child prostitution.

These kids are taken and given to pedophiles to rape and murder.

They are not going to work at taco bell.

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Somebody seems angry all their NAZI friends are being destroyed by Russians.

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Its more how there is now a 2nd viable option to buy and sell goods on the world wide market.

The US dollar is never going to die but the Euro will.

As WW3 kicks off you will see huge wealth flight from all around the world into the dollar/US assets.

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There is like 1% chance something like this happens.

First NATO said they are going to accept Ukraine. So then they will fill Ukraine with weapons and fight again in the future.

Really the only option after Bakhmut falls, a week or two, is for Russia to push the 350 un impeded miles to Kiev.

Force all of Ukraine to disarm and ban all militarization of the zone.

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Forever victim.

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You should fear them. They are mentally ill, unstable, and nobody actually loves them.

They have nothing to lose. They are going to shoot themself anyways. So taking out a normal person first is something a crazy trans person would do.

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Its a $90k car that Rivian still loses 75k making.

So this is like a 160k $ truck.

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Looks like it is post WW3 and China's victory.

Their military and all their men will come over here to reproduce with american woman. Black or white.

If China wins the whole world will be yellow by 2100.

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