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Mail in voting without ID was the main source of the fraud.

You can do as many recounts as you want and youll still never detect that type of fraud.

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Because we allow ourselves to be screwed over.

The only reason they can do this is because we allow them.

Who do we have left to blame but ourselves and our inaction?

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There are millions of us... with guns.

That is what they truly fear.

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Its much better to end it non-violently and quickly.

The longer we wait, the less useful our guns are.

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When will we realize that being silent and doing nothing enables them to round us up and throw us away on bogus charges.

We cannot go silently into the night.

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Gun control laws dont stop bad guys with guns, they give them free reign to terrorize an unarmed populace.

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Why are they illegally immigrating to america?

AT least in their own country, the government ignores them.

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With but one letter, I shall prove you a fool.


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Democracy is a polite way of saying Anarcho-tyranny.

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I wish he would give the order, since he's the closest we have to a leader.

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Americans have guns. We just need to be willing to use them.

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Not if you [redacted] them, then [redacted] to the [redacted] with your [redacted]s.

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Durham is probably gonna indict patriots for "muh capitol erection" I have no trust in our injustice system.

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This is aiding and abetting a foreign invasion. Why are you retards still sitting on your rears? At least get organized. and start spreading the word among your communities of what needs to be done.

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Democracy is a lie. Americans will suffer until they reject it.

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