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I’ve said this for years on here. He did not treat the Enemy as I do. He treated them like a business adversary, not the Adversary. He treated them like a partner to be bargained with, not the Destroyer that bargains with souls.

He completely underestimated who his Enemy is.

The Enemy is the Darkness, the Destruction, the Wickedness, the Spoiler, the Tempter. All that the Enemy should meet when encountering you should be resistance—complete rejection, no compromises, no apologies, no give, only take.

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Indeed, which is why their plan is so ingenuous. The increase in money supply leads to inflation, and we know inflation disproportionately harms the lower and middle classes by decreasing their purchasing power.

The Enemy can fund their pet corporations, print limitless money and hurt their opposition all in one move. Brilliant.

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They only want your money.

Incorrect. Our side needs to understand in the 21st Century, money means nothing. The Enemy can print limitless amounts of money and dole it out to their pet corporations at any time.

No, ideas are what matter. Ideas are everything. And whoever disseminates—by force—their ideas down the most throats, wins.

The Enemy has learned that money doesn’t buy power, ideas do.

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You understand. Most do not.

We are in a post profit world. Productivity means nothing. Profit means nothing. The elites can print limitless currency, bounded and controlled by nothing.

The New Era is defined by ideas, not cash. The Enemy understands this. You do, too. Hopefully, everyone else will realize the same before it’s too late.

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It’s not in the cards.

Instead, what happens—at least to those still on earth afterwards—is 7 years of torment that has never before and will never after have an equal.

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I don't know what is holding us back

Yes you do. We all do.

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which inescapably says the work of Christ was only 99.9% sufficient

This is the part that really got me to change. If Christ’s work on the cross was not enough, then what does that mean when he said, as his final words, “tetelestai”? Was it partially finished? Just a little bit finished? Was his blood not enough to redeem me?

I knew then, pondering those questions, that works salvationists were dead wrong.

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Could you imagine signing up to die for globalist elites and their agenda to eradicate your race and replace you with low IQ minorities to usher in their dystopian one world paradise?

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The laws of supply and demand only care about two things: location and desirability. Beautiful California beaches are always going to be more desirable.

Your political affiliation matters not to the market.

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Nothing we can do until the majority of our men put down the remote and the seed oil laced chip bags.

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You understand.

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Reversing the damage could get very ugly. It would entail stripping the citizenship of “diverse” individuals and deporting them.

Don’t stop now, I’m almost there.

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Too many seed oils.

Too much porn.

Too much sportsball.

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You’re right. He might have even been more popular.

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Correct. Sola fide, sola Christi.

You wouldn’t imagine the heat I got on this site from works salvationists a couple weeks ago.

Glad to have you here, true brother of Christ. His work on Calvary was all that was needed to save me; I cannot do anything to earn His Grace.

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Kennedy, which is rather coincidental, since they share similar values and mannerisms.

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He does not. None of the Enemy’s legion of zealots are afraid, even one bit.

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Bail them out with what? Monopoly money?

Fiat is unlimited. They can print limitless amounts of money and dole it out to their sycophantic zealots.

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You are living in a post-profit world. Money does not matter. Profit does not matter. Business does not matter.

Only ideas.

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Interesting. That approach might work, but no one has tried it.

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