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No one can for three reasons:

  1. No one wants to be first; no one will have their back.

  2. Too much to lose—family, job, money, house, etc.

  3. Fear of the power of the state.

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You do understand. People on here, me included, have been talking about this subject for several years.

If you review history, you understand that we are in the spiral of empire collapse, which cannot be undone and never has been throughout history—because of the defective nature of the human condition and sin.

We are too well fed, too entertained, and too far from God to care about long-term empire building. “It’s all about me and my family,” as people say even on here. They cannot connect this selfish apathetic behavior to the greater fall.

Given enough time, the empire will fall. But that doesn’t mean everything falls with it. That’s why our goal should be to incrementally get involved in our communities and lead from the front—whether it’s donating to candidates you care for, attending city counsel meetings, or running yourself, we can all get involved. That requires work, I know, and we are terrified of doing anything outside the four corners of our home, but that’s what the Founders did to obtain the freedoms that are the envy of history.

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The world is controlled by a cabal of globalist zionists with a penchant for oppressing low IQ dark-skinned serfs.

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Sabotage rebellion, as discussed in the War of the Flea, is incredibly powerful. One flea is all it takes to get the dog nipping.

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This is the answer, largely. The people just don’t care enough. As long as they get their streaming services, some tasty seed oil laced carbohydrates, and some sportsball, they’re good.

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You can’t run from the opponent. You can’t hide. You can only fight.

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The state of California does not have enough money for this plan.

The money is coming from federal tax dollars.

As always, you can’t run and you can’t hide in another state. The enemy is always going to get theirs from you, whether you want it or not.

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The vast majority want this. They just want to be safe and warm and have some food and porn.

Few want more in life, which is why the great throng of humanity is so easy to control.

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You do own your body though. Every slave was ultimately willingly one because they “gave” their body to their master.

If they were unwilling, they would have fought and resisted—and likely died. They chose not to make that decision and instead capitulate in order to save their life.

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This is all due to losers and quitters leaving states and trying to hide on the homestead instead of fighting.

Breaking news: the opponent is never going to stop. You can’t run. You can’t hide. You have to fight.

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Anyone telling you to not engage in the process, at any level, is a traitor and should be summarily executed.

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Indeed. Orange, San Diego, and certain central and northern counties have significant ground game.

I’m very proud of the patriots still in California fighting. We are energized and attacking the enemy on their turf instead of running to Florida and Idaho and hiding out on the homestead.

The opponent comes for us all; you can’t hide. So fight.

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