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The majority of the country? That will never happen. Something like 3% of the revolutionaries activated to create 1776. You’re asking for 50%? No chance.

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Violence is the supreme authority from which all other authority is derived.

Words—not so much.

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This requires a level of realization about the nature of humanity that most cannot stomach: evil is an ever-present, dominating, powerful force for hate, destruction, and death, and it exists, plentifully, in your neighbor, your mailman, your local city council member.

Only once you understand that goodness is in the minority and evil is in the majority, you can appreciate Solzhenitsyn.

To be good requires more than extraordinary human effort; it requires relinquishing control and asking the Lord of Angel Armies for a suit of armor so that you can properly battle evil—every day.

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Will we be there for him, or will the pleasures of seed oils, porn, and sportsball get in the way?

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One of his greatest mistakes. That was the moment.

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You’ll get your wish then. The playbook is obvious: investigate Trump, steal the midterms, invalidate Trump’s run, continue investigating anyone who opposes the State with 80,000 new IRS armed operatives, then usher in the globalist, neo-feudal utopia.

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Not only will we get it the midterms, but they will be openly stolen, and we won’t do a thing about it.

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When does it start?

Judging by the course of history, you have somewhere between several decades and a century before any hot action. Everyone is still fully fed and well-placated. You might want to give your grandchildren some ammo though.

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Nope. Seed oils. Porn. Sportsball.

All keeping everyone well fed and entertained.

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See my comment to Zanja below.

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Enclomiphene in tablet form. No injections, no estrogen isomer, no roid rage, no shrunken balls.

TRT is only for primary hypogonadism, not secondary hypogonadism.

No one should be on TRT unless they cannot produce test, not that they are just low T. We overmedicate young men with TRT when all they really need is help producing more.

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Correct. Trump is the destroyer; DeSantis the builder.

Trump’s base is calling for a Fourth Turning-style, no-mercy slaughter. He needs to deliver on crushing everyone, firing everyone, pursuing everyone. None can hide. None can be paid off.

It needs to be Biblical retribution.

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No, but there are places to get it online, and in much more bioavailable forms and far safer than TRT.

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They can’t allow it. They don’t follow the rules of the road.

They will do whatever it takes. They’ll kill whoever needs to be eliminated. They’ll pay whoever needs to be paid. They’ll blackmail whoever needs to fear them.

Anything. They have to or it’s all over. They must; this is do or die. Every option is on the table to ensure the midterms go the right way.

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Vote splitting is the mechanism that the uniparty uses to divest a candidate’s base and thus his power.

I understand that only one gets to go to the general; that’s not the issue. The issue is in the primary, people only have so much money, so much time, and so much effort to get rallied behind a candidate and support their cause.

By splitting the candidates, the candidates will be attacking each other and siphoning off resources which would be better used against the opponent.

The uniparty is terrified of a singly-unified, heavily-backed Trump-only primary. That’s a scary thought for them.

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He should not be President in 2024. That’s the GOPe plan to split the vote. We need our leaders to coalesce around goals and not fight each other for aspiration and pride.

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Correct. Calling out their hypocrisy does nothing. The opponent doesn’t care. Power is their aim.

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What must happen eventually, ought to happen immediately.

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Whatever it takes, they’ll make sure of it, as you astutely observe regarding the media. The opponent can never let this sort of resistance take hold ever again. It must be crushed.

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Don’t censor your words.

Self-censorship is insulting to the self. Timidity is a hopeless way forward.

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People don’t understand how the system works. You can’t just thrust someone in that’s MAGA. There’s a huge barrier to entry to politics. You need massive ground game and donations/boothing/door knocking. These things require effort and hard work, things most people don’t want to do.

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Can’t. Too much soy. Too much seed oils. Too much porn. Too much sportsball.

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