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That's a great point for all the idiots who believe the fleeing excuse. This was an actual terror attack.

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I thought the girl that had the nose job made a video saying she was wrong about Kyle being chased first instead of the other way around?

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Dislikes helps them unfortunately, it is best to like if you like it or do nothing if you dont like it.

From MrBeast himself https://youtu.be/Om4c4ilT_6g

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Except the left says 'minorities' get railroaded and locked up for bullshit instead of saying poor people.

They create discord and division by turning it into a racism issue instead of a policiing/legal system issue.

Then we end up with people on our side blindly defending cops and courts because they know it isn't racism but ignore how fucked up it is for those who can't, literally, afford justice, regardless of race.

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I missed the sentencing live. Just catched it and mow i cant stop cutting onions! There's still hope for America.

God Bless Kyle!

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The first camp is in Wash DC.

Where they have the J6 political prisoners.

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It will be regular Americans getting put in camps, and they will be saying "sorry not sorry".

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Only for govt employees if i remember right.

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Why is it better to force them to fire someone?

I'm also facing the same situation but not in Florida.

Any thoughts on why is it better to get fired?

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My point is Ttump wouldn't have left the mess that was left. There was a better way to withdraw. So the idea that no matter who pulled out the outcome would be the dame is not correct.

Americans are Americans, if they got left behind is because they were Americans since they had time and space to evacuate hundredd of thousands of non-American Afghanis.

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Ending a war the right way is not a neocon tactic. They would never end a war.

All they had to do was evacuate Americans first and then all equipment. That would have been it. And whatever happened afterwards was none of our business.

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He's still St. Kyle of Kenosha.

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That was hard to watch. We see Kyle as a bad ass self defender but at the end of the day he was just a scared kid trying to survive that night.

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We need the fucking GOP to stand up and make America better.

We ELECTED you to REPRESENT US and do exacy that.

We went from Make America Great Again to just make America better.

I like Hawley but this is cringe. GOP isn't doing anything for us even though we put them in power to fight for us.

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