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It’s already illegal to proselytize to jewish children in Israel. This is the next step, that’s all. It’s objective fact, not propaganda.

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The condescending tone of your comments belays

No, it just isn’t relevant in any capacity whatsoever to what he said.

the global elite is trying to turn us into Africa - producers of raw materials and consumers of finished goods.

Your point is what.

If you had made that connection, you'd be more sympathetic.

So you don’t have any point whatsoever, then.

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Where and how do you think they get food and water?

Western food aid.

Men and women break rocks by hand into gravel, they hand dig almost everything instead of using a tractor, they pull literal carts up hills that are stacked 6 feet high with tires or onions instead of using a car or a donkey.

Sounds like stupidity to me. Working hard would be to make these meaningless tasks easier.

Many walk hours to work or don't get to go home to see their family for months.

Lol, look at this fucking retard championing the Japanese way of life.

If you were "working" in Africa you must have been funded by the welfare state of either a government funded entity, government entity or NGO.

Literally yes; that what we’re saying. None of these Africans are actually doing work of civilization. They get handouts by the tens of millions.

You are the lazy one.

  • invented all technology since the dawn of time
  • never even invented the wheel

And you think the former is the lazy one, huh.

Why do you think Africans were slaves?

Because they were caught by their fellow Africans and instead of being literally eaten or outright murdered were sold to people who wear tiny circular hats who then shipped them across an ocean to do manual labor.

What’s your point, you fucking dumbass.

Because they can do more labor than a white man.

Cool, enjoy your ban for racism. No one will ever believe you.

Chinese are good workers too

You’re too stupid to be alive, honestly.

but they can't withstand the same outdoor elements.

Good god, you’re retarded.

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Congratulations on your inability to recognize your enemies.

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And yet Americans don’t do anything. What is your point.

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The UN recognizes only the Sami as indigenous persons of Europe.

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And? Why should more communism be supported?

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nor Judaism is a race

  • Why do jews consider it to be a race by tradition?
  • Why do all non-jewish groups consider it to be a race by tradition?
  • Why do jews consider it to be a race by law?
  • Why do all non-jewish groups consider it to be a race by law?
  • Why do jews consider it to be a race by their own religion, too?
  • Why does it show up as a race by testing for specific genetic markers?
  • Why do jews have endemic diseases that non-jews do not have?

Why can’t you answer questions that no one but paid shills can’t answer?

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Like 1% of the Jews have read the Talmud.

“All jews, around the world, are learning the same page [of the Talmud] on the same day. All jews [therefore] feel united–as though they’re brothers and sisters with each other.” ~ Joseph Klein; What’s With The Jews?, CBC documentary; 2017

Lie some fucking more.

It's like judging all Christians by writings of medieval monks.

Nope. The Talmud is jewish law. It’s the foundation of their behavior. It’s not some obscure treatise from an Irish monk in the 800s. It’s literally the fucking Oral Tradition they all follow.

Ayn Rand

Baby seller.

Isaac Asimov


Sholom Aleichem

Hello to you, too; I refuse to believe that’s a name.


Comma tower.

Neil Gaiman


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A lot of the technology you use every day came from Jewish inventors, scientists, businessmen, doctors, etc.



That’s not indicative of goodness. It’s indicative of nepotism, as you yourself already mentioned.

Also the best anticommunists

Wow, you really are lost.


You mean the guy who said it’s okay to sell children as though they’re property?

Attack our enemies, the communists

lol, that’s what’s happening.

Every individual decides for oneself.

Literally no. Your egalitarian bullshit is literally communist propaganda.

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Yes you can

Where are the Christians in that list?

Not all Jews are communists.

Ever read Das Kapital? Ever read the Talmud?

Jews are overrepresented in good fields

Name one.

2000 years of natural selection for intelligence

Except all statistical evidence shows this isn’t true.

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[more identical spam from the script]

[forbidden by employment contract from addressing the topic directly]

I’ve literally read your fucking workbook, dumbass. I know exactly how your tactics operate. No one gives a shit that you’re praying to your demon king. It doesn’t affect us.

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You can’t hide it now, motherfucker.

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[refuses to reply to what was actually said; refuses to address it; refuses to refute it; refuses to acknowledge it at all]

I know exactly what your fucking “faith” is, you filthy piece of shit. Your transparency is humiliating your coworkers. Fuck off forever, paid shill.

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Whatever you want to lie to yourself about, I guess. Thought you weren’t allowed to type the name, by the way. Guess your faith is null and void since you can’t even obey its precepts.

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Won’t work. I’m unaffected by prayers to demons.

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