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They owe Sarah Palin an apology.

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Funny how when circuses started to disappear these folks had nowhere to run off to except social media. If social media didn’t reward this, they wouldn’t do it.

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I assumed stealing an election was the red line, but…

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Don’t forget the Bundy standoff was all because the Bureau of Land Management wanted access to the Uranium in that part of Oregon so Hillary could sell it to Russia.

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With titanic tits and sandblasted zits

With a garlic aroma that could level Tacoma

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McCain married his mistress he was cheating on his wife with, a wife who stayed by him during his time as a POW. The mistress, Cindy Lou Hensley, was the daughter of Jim Hensley, who worked in partnership with Edgar Bronfman for well known mobster Meyer Lansky in Arizona during Prohibition smuggling booze and all kinds of other things across the Arizona/Mexico border. McCain used the Hensley family fortune earned from these trafficking crimes to fund his run for office.

Edgar Bronfman’s name might be familiar to you because his daughter Claire, heiress to the Seagrams liquor fortune, recently made headlines as being one of the ringleaders of the NXIVM sex cult along with Keith Raniere. This cult was busted in Mexico for child sex slave trafficking and involved several young actresses like Alison Mack from the TV show Smallville. They were known for branding the members of the sex cult with a mark in the shape of their intitials.

Claire Bronfman was reported to have passed out in court when it was revealed that Michael Avenatti was one of her lawyers. Michael Avenatti infamously represented porn whore Stormy Daniels, who claimed to have had sex with President Trump while he was married. It was discovered that a few years ago, Stormy Daniels had tweeted that she thought she had just joined a cult, and a brand similar to the NXIVM brand was covered up by one of her hideous tattoos.

It’s clear why McCain was so dead set against Trump. The world is run by a huge cult like cabal that traffics children as sex slaves and feeds off harming the innocent for their own benefit. McCain’s role in the establishment was to maintain that pipeline of traffic across the Arizona Mexico border.

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A Crony Capitalist, which is essentially what all the top tiers in Socialist countries are.

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Time to start shopping inside liberal's homes then I guess. I bet they aren't armed to defend themselves while waiting for the police they defunded to arrive.

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He's good friends with John Podesta because he helped Colbert's sister get into office in some low level position. He also claims to be a Sunday School teacher and has joked with Crooked Hillary about eating babies. I'll let you draw your own conclusions as to his true character from there. Bonus: His former boss Jon Stewart was college roommates with pedophile Anthony Weiner.

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