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No. Serious question, were you molested? Or did you just realize you were attracted to boys at a young age?

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Roses are red, violets are violets.

If you fuck with 2A, there will be violence.

I've been working all day, sellin my soul

Come for my guns, I'ma put you in a hole

It's a damn shame

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Pretty soon grandmas will be covered in tats with a full sleeve or two. Ridiculous

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Are you a top or bottom?

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Trump woke a lot of people up tho, like me. I knew it was all bullshit, especially with Obama, but couldn't prove it. Then Trump happened and all my suspicions were confirmed.

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Guess I need to add an /s next time so retards like you don't get their panties in a twist.

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Yes. The way I see it, everyone wants sex. But the point of sex is procreation. Gays don't have that option, so their tendencies lean towards lust and not love, generally speaking. Not saying heteros don't experience lust, but at least more often than not it results in the creation of life and a family. Gays don't have that option, so their culture is all about lust, which is evil. And from that lust the soul becomes a black hole of desire which eventually involves children. That's why it's wrong, and we shouldn't have allowed them to get married to legitimize their evil tendencies.

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Pelosi is an atheist tho, just like Biden. They aren't concerned about where their souls go when they die. They claim to be catholic just like the current pope. It's a farce to bring in the NWO

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Hoping we have reached rock bottom, but afraid we will sink a lot farther into totalitarianism b4 this country wakes up. Scary times

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Say what you want, but I'm definitely not depressed. I have a nice life with zero tattoos.

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Lol you writing a novel to a stranger? Why?

I'm not reading that, loser. But I hope you feel better.

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You didn't answer my question, I'll ask again...

Why are you being a faggot over my innocuous comment?

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