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Talk about hardcore copium. Anyone that trusts the "vaccine" works wouldn't worry about the unvaccinated. These morons know deep, down in the back of their mind that they made a mistake and that there is no way to unring the bell.

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It's because you're a man. These pussies wouldn't think about trying to bully a man. These faggots invariably do this to women. It's their inner predator surfacing. Notice how they choose a target they think they can physically overpower and proceed to stalk and harass them with their perceived power.

They are cowards who would never try to confront someone they thought could kick their ass and are probably closeted rapists.

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I feel bad for the kids but at least in the future we won't have hordes of generational morons hanging around weighing down society.

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Just burning a little evidence. No biggie.

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Wasn't it said that in the end times people we thought would be our champions would turn on us while the most unlikely of people would rise to stand in the gap?

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Can God do the flood thing again?

God: Best I can do is fire.

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