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God is going to be really pissed about all of the children killed from this.

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Yes it is, if you're an aristocratic inbred who seeks to reform the entire world into a Neo-Feudalist state it absolutely is the best way to maintain control.

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If it is a threat to say FAFO then yes, it is a very serious threat.

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Poor baby deserves it. Imagine having to go through life as the love child of Hunter Biden and a stripper he knocked up on one of his many benders.

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He ordered $65,000 worth of "hot dogs", sounds like a party hound.

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Why the Stonetoss hate, handshake?

This isn't Reddit, you know...

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Meh, the people blocking traffic, whether hot from behind or not, were creating a hazard for her and her daughter. She did the right thing gunning it until they were safe. No sense in stopping in the middle of a violent mob simply because one or two of them happen to have their back turned when the camera was rolling.

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The projection is definitely something else. u/FigNugent is another one (or was it their other handle u/NedTugent?) Usually based but when I criticized an underage lesbian makeout scene in a Disney movie they accused me of being a pedophile. The Gay Mafia definitely doesn't like even the slightest of criticism

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Jacobsen was never vaccinated, but they did impose a fine on him. For some reason everyone thinks this decision means states can force innoculate you. It does not.

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Not sure why she felt compelled to tell everyone it was ass cancer. I suppose it could come up in conversation but you could always just lie.

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He even admits that none of the rules make sense, and that's why he gets off on enforcing them. They know it's not about safety or anything else they claim, it's about power.

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I had heard of these memes but had never seen one before

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The jellyfish are the best because they work dead or alive.

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