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We can hope. Love the guy, but his picks/personnel have been pretty fucking stupid.

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Probably. His contract with Fox is oddly timed to say the least, and the tone change prior to the election was odd. Really odd.

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I guess the real money should be on who gives who monkeypox to the other first, Hannity to Lindsey or vice versa?

They will call it Covid and Rebound Covid, causing them to self isolate for 12-15 days.

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You have quite a valuable asset there, fren.

Knowledge. Share it with family and friends. All the lessons you learned or heard about in your time in the service.

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Interesting if true, but need proof. So much bullshit starts getting spewed when something big goes down.

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Candidate Trump did an AMA on r/t_d, the only Dom in existence of that shithole.

They know who we are. They have started discussing things and changing topics based off discussions here that had taken place the day, or in some cases hours, before.

We are the largest Pro-Trump, Pro-MAGA community on the internet. They know exactly who we are.

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No, they don't. Very few here believe it was stolen

Yeah, they do.

But, they for some fucked up reason think they wont do it again for magical reasons.

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Even if he did something illegal, doesn't he get a pass?

Why do shills always use this or something similar?

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No, they are going after Greenwald. This is targeted at a specific person, not one of their favored Victim Classes.

Greenwald became a non-person the second he started calling out the communists.

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You know the fun thing they have not asked..

Why was a Biden staffer hanging out on 4chan? Isn't that a job for the FBI, CIA, and other agencies?

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He is doing this because Gaetz just called him out at CPAC. He is trying to salvage what little he can hoping to keep his job.

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Going to need more content/sauce vs whats printed on the box.

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Also, serve in NJ and Canada as meat.

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Which part? Lying about it, or getting caught lying about it?

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Anyone else have AC/DC stuck in their head now?

Also, Dick Cheney is a war profiteer and criminal. His daughter's a cunt and that David Frum guy is probably a faggot.

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"Antisemitism" is code for "Dont look or listen".

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