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Meanwhile, Biden is the de facto president. We need to get that fucker out of the White House and people need to start getting hung in town squares across America.

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Seriously they need to hire a few more developers or something and get this app on android, asap.

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Maybe it would have been better to have asked for this kind of help sometime closer to January 6th 2020?

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the real "it's happening" is when people that were banned become reinstated.

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Wow, great thanks for sharing ehat happens on a site most of us cannot even access.

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The dems like having slaves do their work for them. Always have.

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I feel it added some value to the tweet. Not that Ned profited from it.

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Jews promoted gangster rap andd portray inner city blacks as having to act like that to survive. Who runs Hollywood and the music industry?

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They planned on having 8 years of Hillary, where they could have taken their time. Trump woke a lot of people up and threw a giant wrench in all their plans.

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Maybe just take the information, or leave it, for what it is worth. Seemed like good advice to me.

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because the alternative is to marry someone that isn't white.

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They just missed their best chance to fight this. The fucking trucker convoy. It's not without hope, but that was their chance and they fucked it up.

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No, they can leave room for emergency vehicles and the like

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I was trying to go 45 officer, but the truck in front of me was only doing 10mph.

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The worst thing for any website it getting a huge influx of new people. It takes time to add servers, which are expensive. Customer service can get overloaded. If there are any bug fixing them can take days. And so on.

Its better if they take it slow.

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Protests are starting to happen across Canada, politicians are tweeting about human rights abuses. I know it's not much, but the longer this goes on peacefully the better it is for us. If things turn violent things will go south fast, the is what they want.

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I'm not so sure, the longer this lasts the better it is for us. Assuming they stay peaceful. This isn't making our side look bad, not at all. It might change a few minds, people that though blm was peaceful will have a hard time thinking that after thia.

With that said the police, despite multiple aggressions, have been better that I thought they would be. I assumed there would be hundreds of videos of people getting shot and dragged out of cars, etc.

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The guy in the stream even said as much. He said don't praise them for how patiently they are waiting, they are getting paid extra for being there.

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