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“Period of transition” from:

Capitalism to Communism.

Rich to poor.

Independent to dependent.

Peace to war.

Freedom to Fascism.

Coronavirus to Monkeypox.

USA to Weimar Republic.

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Notice that they “predict” population decline for certain people. How do they know what’s to come, if they don’t have a hand in engineering it?

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I thought the Disinformation Board was dead.

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He pulled his dick out and offered her a horse 🤣

I like him more now.

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Yes but Uncle Klaus says you need to own nothing to be happy.

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Quartering rushes videos out with half-ass info. I always leave disappointed, so I don’t click on them anymore.

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I wish I could believe the opposite of the truth regarding every facet of my life and the world we live in. It would make it way more fun to watch Tv at least.

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Yeah but slow ups you rather the money be stolen by grifters, or used to pay mules and buy pallets of bricks?

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I miss the Cool Wine Aunt memes..

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Yeah, they’re the real racists, blah blah.

They don’t care, and neither do their pets who continue to vote for them in spite of this reality. It’s all about the gibs and the coddling, the ego stroking.

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I wish y’all understood that leftists and the media points at Q followers and says “look at those silly, delusional MAGAs”.

Shit like this discredits us as a whole.

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Yeah but that long hair was making him look extra high energy.

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I tried to look it up and after I correctly typed “2000 mules”, all my search results read “2000 miles”.

Ultra Mega 1984

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Yes. And they don’t care that people here would say that “Dems are the real racists”.

They don’t care if you point out their hypocrisy. They don’t care if you point out their racism against white people.

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What a koinkydink. I’m a salesman and haven’t used DE either.

Although “Differential Equations” sounds like a high falutin’ term for subtraction (takeaways) to me. Ha

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🤣 Remember when they ridiculed us for Ivermectin because it was “for horses”?

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Find a new advisor that doesn’t insult his clients.

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There was a coup in Ukraine, and was common knowledge in the US back in 2014. Have they memory-holed it so quickly and easily?

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