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We're talking about an actual tranny gaining power over millions of children. You can't call yourself a conservative if you think "Caitlyn" Jenner should be governor.

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look at him lie at 3:28 about the rushed vaccine. Fauci has been funded millions of dollars by pharmaceutical corporations since the early 2000's. He is as scummy and biased as it gets.

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Just as a side note, the sex ring seems to be gay men. Images of them masturbating and giving each other oral sex were sent in a group chat.

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America became such a dystopia in 2020 that China actually has more freedom than us

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Both the Democrats and the GOP. They donate millions of dollars, which are really just bribes to push their agenda. Just look at how well funded AIPAC is.

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It's not being a coward anymore. Biden didn't just steal the election, he passed a bunch of laws so he will never have to steal an election again. The immigration policies will flood millions of immigrants into America. Then the For The People Act will allow teenager and criminals to vote plus it will allow for easier mail in voting, online voting, and ballot harvesting. All of these demographics favor socialism.

It's a blackpill that will get downvoted. People here would rather talk about Dr. Seuss than the actual laws being passed that make it impossible for conservatives to win. Texas will be blue by 2024 and then conservatives will actually realize how fast the Democrats moved to destroy the Republicans.

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Realistically, there is no winning solution. Everything relied on the Supreme Court and Mike Pence but they backstabbed Trump. I really do think we should shift our focus to moving to a more conservative country like Poland rather than staying in America and getting our buttholes swabbed.

by Yeow
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Another political tactic to ignore how the wealth was made. What are we supposed to do, give everyone million dollar salaries? The real problem is globalism. Corporations didn't have franchises across the world 80 years ago. If America banned globalism and immigration then our wages would increase naturally.

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More proof women shouldn't have political opinions. She's treating the supreme court like as if she was their mommy.