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The FBI are currently conducting a finger print analysis on the van, but no evidence has been found thus far.

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You stomp those motherfuckers in the face and then you have breakfast!

A Hearty, Nutritious Breakfast!

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When she's looking for some Pure Blood Lovin'.


Every Swimmer is a Winner

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I've seen that van in my neighborhood, brb...

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You took the vaccine, you raise the Black baby!

Next time, use common since, dumbass!

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So your suggestion is to ignore these serious Black Problems that affect all normal American citizens?

Let's hear your solution MLK!

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Fucking Milo Yiannopoulos! I knew it!

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I didn't get nothing! And I'm keeping it that way!

Pure Blood Is Life

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I am very concerned with the US Black population!

Massive crime, violence, voting issues, education problems, open racism, drug addiction! I don't hate anyone but my concern and the fact that these Black People are totally out of control is a serious fucking problem!

Vaxx The Blacks!

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Arizona should not be allowed to pass any laws until election cheating has been fully resolved!

Fuck Arizona!

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She's a faggot Democrat who cheated a Legitimate Republican Candidate to get elected. That's all you need to know.

Never trust a Faggot Democrat!

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