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This is not a subway update, it's a new subway section. It was hewn out of the rock using previous Democrat money, then it along with a bunch of other shafts were merely abandoned.

This $6.9B is for a 1.6 mile new portion

Most of this money will go into the pockets of local sicilian and jewish mafia, and there will be cost overruns

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So, we haven't had had time t o read the bill, and already we have the biggest boondoggle in American history associated with this. There was never any real appropriation for infrastructure, it was all a sham to line the pockets of the chinese/jewish/italian mafia and Congress' pockets

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I'd agree w this in the USA, however Sweden and Swedish chicks are brought up w a very healthy I guess is the word appreciation for sex.

The only group of women that are more easy to seduce are South African, and the Aussies are way way up there, too

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One of two things will happen here, Kyle's team will take 32-33MM, so everyone else can thus be raked over the coals longer, or his team will try for as long as it takes to get that 60 as a warning to other people that not only will they have to pay out what Kyle wants, but their legal costs will go up exponentially so they can ask for 60 and settle for 34

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There's an infamy statute in every state in the country, one cannot profit off of crime nor infamy- any of these funds would immediately be escrowed/sequestered/garnisheed by victims

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Before he died, King had spoken to Malcolm X and Malcolm told him point blank that the only way forward was to strengthen from within and not rely on violence/whitey.

King had begun to think that isolating a boogeyman and going after him was the best way, sort of a flip-flop for each.

Most likely they both knew that the Gov't was after them, and there is a very good chance that King knew that Jesse Jackson was a CIA plant in his camp

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There is no such thing as covid. You do not have covid. Nobody you've ever met has covid

People die, they have been dying since we first got here. None of those people died from covid, because covid does not exist.

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Dude, wtf.

I was an altar boy as a child and I've studied the Bible, I know what most of the major terms and names mean in English.

I have no idea why you decided to be so uncivil and call me names, merely cause I pointed out you don't wtf you're talking about.

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I stopped mentioning that virology is bunk science and is unrelated to reality, cause it's just too massive a black pill for people to swallow.

Even pedes that understand that CNN MSNBC are fake news still cannot fathom that virology is all made-up shit.

Sure, we can do sequencing on them, but how they came into existence, why there are multiple types, why the body does not at first react to a virus (it might take 2 or even 100 different strains before the body finally reacts with symptoms, viruses don't "cause" symptoms, symptoms are the body fighting back. Which, in immuno-compromised persons makes it difficult to fight off the infection, which overloads healthy cells with injected RNA to force them to make more virus).

The word "coronavirus" and then covid came into being in the mid 90's. Right when sophisticated scanning electron microscopes were available, and you could see the shape of the virus present in people w the common cold, ie a corona like around the sun.

They then stopped referring to the common cold as the common cold and used this new made-up word, covid corona virus disease. As of today, scientists have not come to an agreement about the number of viruses that can contribute to the common cold virus suite, but estimates are between a few dozen and over 150.

The science is clear, because it's been clear since the 90's that corona is just the common cold, and nobody has any idea how viruses cause the body to respond the way it does.


If your injection can't save you from covid, htf can my injection save you from covid?? Seriously, like wtf...

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Um... what? Shem the son of Noah means "black", Ham the son of Noah means "red" as in the al-Hambra in Andalusia Spain, and Japheth means "clear", as in Caucasian, also where the Greek word Iapetus, a moon of Saturn got it's name

Get your made-up story straight.

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Well, jews are ostensibly Hebrews (but not really, since even their own Holy book makes it clear G-D had had enough of their shit for worshiping MLK, a la Jezebel), but he caused them to be removed from the face of the planet.

Hebrews therefore no longer exist. The Hebrews or Ibri called themselves Shemitic, and the Shemitic word "shem" means Black, as in african.

The country of Shumer (Shin'ar in the Bible) means black in Shumerian.

The ancient Egyptians referred to themselves as Kh'm which also means Black.

The hebrew language, both modern and ancient is an afro-asiatic language, afro as in African. There are many many afro-asiatic languages similar to hebrew spoken in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and the Sudan, Sudan is the arabic word for black, as in African

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Are you even reading anything either you or me has typed?

Where the fuck did I mention the USA getting into WWII cause of japan??


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Dude, STOP REPLYING TO ME. What the hell are you even typing?

"Hitler had nothing to do w peal harbour"

Who said anything about that?

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So this will be the new grift, find Dem judge, "sue" Doj, Doj just admits fault and gives away 100-500 million at a time.

It's going to happen over and over and over.

The individual agents and the field commander should be the only ones on the hook

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Where did Nancy get money from? She's never worked a day in her life, and Congressmen don't make enough to live in SF.

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Very disgusting and warped individual.

Perhaps, she'll use this upbraiding to self-reflect - however, it's more likely she'll continue w her tantrum

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The proof is in the pudding.

We entered WWII as we had a mutual-defense treaty w Poland, to defend it against invaders.

At the end of WWII, how was Poland? It was a satellite of communist Russia, same as most of the countries in that area.

That's all you need to know. America entered the war and it's outcome was Poland being a dictatorship.

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You keep googleing shit.

Proceeds to copy paste more shit he found on google.

You are sick, please stop posting anywhere on the internet until you get help.

Blacks never migrated out of sub-Saharan Africa.

You're completely a lost cause

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