McCarthyism has very negative connotations which it should not have. He was a patriot and was 100% right about the amount of commie faggots in Hollywood. If people listened to him instead of the media at the time then we would not be in this mess. He should be applauded and not condemned like he is by so many people. For instance Josh Hawley was making a very good attack on a biden nominee at the nomination hearings when in the middle of everything he said something like “are we going to go back to the dark days of McCarthyism.” Implying that Biden’s totalitarian socialist extremists were similar to Joe mccarthy in their tactics. What the fuck is he talking about. That’s bullshit . McCarthy was trying to be rid of commie faggots because he saw them as a threat to society. Please tell me which part of that deserves vilification. They should be reclaiming the word as a symbol of good and not evil. He was not a girolama Savonarola as they want you to believe. He was not sending innocent people to the gallows. He was just concerned about how much power the communist party was exerting. And yet on both sides he is still vilified.

We need to reclaim his legacy.i


We argued about the nursing profession. This is what he said at the end. I said that modern nurses were spoilt and that it was no longer a vocation. It went back and forth and then this from him about my father who recently passed away after years of dementia. This guy is nuts.

▲ ▼ Thanks4AllTheFish 1 point 15 minutes ago +1 / -0 I'm betting the nurses avoided his room because they couldn't stand him or you. I forsee that you're going to die alone and covered in filth and bedsores because you're such a vile hateful prick you're going to get what you deserve, just like your father.


UPDATE TO THE HATERS.. If you want to post these images of down syndrome people because you feel the need to insult them, then knock yourselves out. It’s your freedom of speech. What you idiots who are attacking me don’t seem to realize is that I have the freedom of speech to call you assholes for doing it. I spent a lot of time trying to red pill leftists on you tube channels like cnn and msnbc and the late night tv show channels, and I am very sorry to say that most of the people that I have argued with on those sites have been much less ignorant and aggressive than some of the people on here. This site is fast becoming a echo chamber. I am going to go back to being pro active and spamming the leftist channels again with links and facts that prove trump was right. You guys can just sit around masturbating and creating memes of Down syndrome people to post to the choir. Enjoy your anger because it seems to be all you have.


Any ideas?


Just a suggestion. Memes are great and all but they kinda clog up the main page. Maybe if we had a section for humour and memes then the other sections would be easier to navigate and be less clogged up with unimportant stuff.