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This is literally attention whoring

You could find a nice guy at church or a farmers market. But that doesn't give you any internet attention so you won't do that.

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If I was a fed I would be trying to convince people to not wear masks to these things. Oh and bring their cellphones in their pocket. That's a great idea.

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Non retards don't wear masks in their day to day lives because they arent going to stop a virus particle even if covid was real.

Retards don't wear masks to protests and then end up getting v& and gulaged and their whole families getting their bank accounts shut down.

By all means though, knock yourselves out.

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They got all of their talking points from 4chan. Conveniently saving the elephant in the room "for last" and banning anyone from their echo chambers who dare to point out the giant elephant thats still in the room. Conveniently.

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4chan talked about it all first.

Q started on /pol/ and started acting like a fag so anons posted/spammed pics of their nazi waifus, various spidey memes and infographs in their threads until they left. The whole saga took about a month and a half from when they appeared on 4chan to when they got chased off.

Damn I spend to much time on the internet.

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Lol if I'm a retard what does that make you

What is less than a retard? A worm? A Rat? A giant pile of shit?

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I prefer the term "Race realist".

The best part of them dribbled down their Daddy's leg

You can't even come up with an original insult.

I thought you people were supposed to be the smartest?

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