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For the future, I just don’t have any answers and that’s the most troubling part to me. This is a deep web and when I get my bearings back I will try to see if the data I have is of any value.

The most troubling part to me is you have the data and you’re still hiding it and now pretending you don’t know if it has any value.

You had the adjudication rate and error rate data in Antrim and got it in Phoenix. It was significant in Antrim and you said it was similar in Phoenix. How can it be significant in Michigan but not significant in Arizona?

And if it is significant, why haven’t you released it? Did the Senate block its release or was that your decision? The adjudication rate was part of the scope of your contract, so how can you blame the Senate for it not being released?

I don’t understand how you rationalize hiding this data from the public.

Most people here understand there were politicians against the Audit and grifters who worked at the Audit. They also understand you were totally for the Audit and lost your business from it. We know you’re not a fake auditor or a grifter.

What we don’t understand, however, is why you don’t come clean and dump all the data you gave to the attorney general. You said in an online video interview you spent about eight hours at the AG in meetings (after investigator Geisler asked for an interview).

What was so important that you couldn’t just say, “Here, read the final report, it’s all in here.”

You also said in the same interview the AG was doing a RICO investigation. So why don’t you tell us what you found that led the AG to do a criminal conspiracy investigation?

In one of the chat messages you recently released, you were talking to Ben and talked about the data you had stored in a secure location. This was a month after your final report to the Senate. If you had given the Senate everything, why were you still hiding data? If it was not important, why was it stored at a secure location with video surveillance?

You can’t blame politicians and grifters for hiding data you control.

In one chat exchange with Ben (below) he said he spent a few hours at the AGO. Why hasn’t he released what he told and gave the AGO?

You are both keyboard warriors.


BC: Just spent a couple hours with the AG Investigator. He may be contacting you to obtain a copy of the forensic images.

DL: Are you in AZ? I have that full set you gave me in a secure location. I can have someone deliver it.