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Smooth brains unite!

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I listen a couple days a week, when did he say this?

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“ThEy wEre BoRn wAnTinG tO FuCk kIDs, rEEEEEEeeEeEee!”

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Let them ban the EU.

The average EU subjects add zero value to any adult conversation.

The based subjects are already on a VPN.

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🎵Going to check who’s knotty and who’s nice 🎵

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I’m convinced an “I Stand with Ukraine” t-shirt is a pedophile dog whistle. I support any candidate that pledges to go through social media posts and investigate/prosecute anyone flying the yellow and blue flag of clownworld.

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Bless u/horse_paste for being such a reliable dumb fucking oblivious shill. May you at least serve as an educational warning for future faggots to avoid.

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“How do you write posts like anaconda?”

“I write like a man, then I take away reason and accountability!”

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Can you please point on the doll where Barry and The Big Guy touched you?

It’s OK, they can’t hurt you any more…

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My grandparents saved their fucking asses last time they “tootled around”.

Fuck these faggots. Their best left hundreds of years ago to take and prosper in a new continent. What’s left are the crabs in a bucket dreg losers of the genetic lottery.

I hope the slavs and inbred hajis skullfuck their flaccid corpses.

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Is it because the local softball league is salty that “Melissa” currently holds the women’s home run record for the county while also holding his duck to pee?

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Looks like she smokes reds too!

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This is more a sad pantomime in the skin suit of science.

Social media let the sad underachieving historical loser, bachelors in marketing-having, middle manager faggots of the world feel important by peeling a thin skin off the giants of science and go forth smiling parading as if they invented it.

This is the same group of cast-offs every generation before us has discarded. We managed to fool ourselves into letting them squirm their fetid way into what they have craved and have also been denied by history and the genetic lottery, power.

Theirs is the selfish ideology of jealousy.

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Tombstone is free to stream on YouTube this week. Ad-free too if you use brave browser 😉

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This dumb fuck thought the justice system works the same as college debate team. What a dumb fucking asshole. I hope one of the families has an uncle locked up with a grudge.

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Begun, the meme wars have.

Ma’am the battle stations lads!

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