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I still have conversations with people that don't know who George Soros is? Don't forget we have the truth but they have control of entertainment media, academia, journalists and powerful government agencies. Talk to as many people as you can. Be a good ambassador for the MAGA movement. It will take some time to make a difference but once someone has seen the truth they will never be fooled again.

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It's because too many people believed it was true.

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That is not what this is from. It was a study on injection in the muscle (IM) and injection directly in the vein (IV). The first picture is the control (far left) It does prove the injection are dangerous but not for the reason you are presenting.

Clinical Infectious Diseases Major Article Published: 18 August 2021 Cite: “Clinical Infectious Diseases, ciab707,”

This study provided in vivo evidence that inadvertent intravenous injection of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines may induce myopericarditis.

Brief withdrawal of syringe plunger to exclude blood aspiration may be one possible way to reduce such risk.

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That's for sure. We assumed the values of freedom and liberty were enough to keep America great. Unfortunately, the left have always been relentless activist. Slowly worming their way into positions of power and influence.

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No offence taken. I am right there with you. The last couple of years have really exposed the corrupt and the betrayers.

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Understood. I'm not endorsing Arnold, I'm posting a quote I agree with.

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Yea, its Conan the Barbarian (1982)

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What is best in life? "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."

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He is not a judge, he is a Meme Lord mining the salt of leftist.

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Drop boxes still in play, mail in voting still in play, computer voting machines still in play, open primaries, control of media, control of big tech, control of FBI, control of justice department, and not one person held accountable for voter fraud to date. Voting will not be enough. Get informed and get involved in the the political process.

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Good to hear your sending more ammo to the front line of the information war.

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