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Mostly no masks, but even Florida, (tourist area) had masked employees. Even met a few former Trump supporters that believe the fake inserection..

Aside from the most common that have been mentioned such as term limits, some things I would add or change would include:

Illegal boarder crossing is punishable by death and may be treated as an invasion.

Make no deal or compromise with any organization or nation that do not hold our constitutional values. (We won't trade with human rights violators)

Institute strict voting and election laws like voter ID, set up a contingency plan in case of fraud being found until the election is sorted out, have a "none of the above" option for elections for data purposes

Accusations proven to be intentionally falsified should be punished as the crime accused of

Person's should not be taxed for policy or actions taken by the government that one did not vote for (abortion, war, Pakistani gender studies)

Insert Taliban Joe

Anyone got any suggestions?

I'm sending memes to my kids school. The have mask mandates, my kid doesn't comply, this is an elementary school student. They have take home folders which I am going to send back with memes I print. Send me your best anti mask memes or fjb memes you got.

Long story everyone knows, I'm leaving. Ok.

I'm fine with it.

So a loophole created a proxy army to fight Chyna stopping them from getting lithium. Xiden still fucked up, also set up etc. Just a thought...


More and more I can recognize shills on here...




They will quietly send him off to be forgotten mostly, only to say the days of white men ruining this country are over. I think when cummeltoe is in office they will make things so nice for most normies to give her a pass, at least it's not biden or Trump they'll say. With it more pushes for diversity, when Trump runs again he will be the only white man...

Legislation and precidence should expire within a reasonable amount of time like a term or two, and only (x) amount of laws should be renewed based on a vote per year or term. Laws would need some more classification, but elections would need an overall.


We *had a good school district, we voted on mask mandates. Parents, teachers and students agreed NO MASKS. The district sided against us, we formed a march, then the country went against us. I'm on a fb group talking about taking their kids out of school. It's a start, don't give in to the little battles anymore. Fuck the "elites"


Just wondering if anyone knows about this organization.

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