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Why don't you archive the actual likes tab? Is that not possible?

The video itself was irrelevant, the description mentioning his use of anti-psychotics was the relevant part. As such, I archived it just for the description.

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I did for the Denmark shooter when people started implying it was "misogynist terrorism"


His accounts are all pulled now, aren't they?

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City fan

Tell him he'll never win a UCL. He'll know what it means.

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I wish people would fucking archive. Not record, not screenshot, just throw the link into archive.is

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Oh God, the JDM sad boys shit.

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Not necessarily, the rose is also a symbol of England for some reason.

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It's because the algorithm is built to retain users. A user base of young women turns out leftist.

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Men need their spaces, but you took them all.

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For women. As is customary in the UK.

Boris Johnson is such a piece of shit.

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I guarantee Hamilton was involved in pushing this. RBR have never been woke.

Fuck Mercedes. I wish they'd leave and take the race baiter with them.

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Should be higher, what Republican can support someone who backstabbed the party to use an NOW-backed veto?

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Yeah, it was a crazy guy on pills.

He screamed "you're all not real" as he shot at people.

Denmark PM refuses to admit the true motive and is hoping her feminist friends can launder the incel lie.

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Money advocated sex reassignment for intersex patients. Officially, he was the first to do tranny surgery, but not to the extent we have now. He was a dirty pedophile, but gender studies itself which led to current trannyism was created by Sally Miller Gearhart, someone who believed the male population must be reduced by 90%.

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