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Yup, my first thought.
How often do you hear about a 28 yr old with aggressive stage 4?

Since the Vax, often...

I know someone who found out they had stage 4 stomach cancer last August and were dead by October. She was early 50s had zero health problems beforehand and gone.

We're just at the beginning unfortunately.

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I look forward to her death announcement.
I'm young enough to out live them both.

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It's appalling they're suggesting these for kids still.

Douche bag

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I have no poker face, and zero filter when tequila is involved. So I'm out.

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Oh lots of stuff, mostly what we eat and a few new things for fun. Asparagus and herbs are usually my first crop, Lettuces and cabbage, tomatoes, squash, peppers, Pumpkins. I did eggplants last year and they did great but my family didn't like them. Adding fruit to the yard, we have a apple tree, and I am working on blueberries.

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I need to remember my local food bank this summer when I have too much produce.

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They turned an old rail trail into a walking path, runs right up throughout all the nice neighborhoods.

We will all be watching that if need be.

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Same, we lived right outside of Boston in 15 and moved north at the beginning of 16.

But ever since the riots in 2020 we've all realized it's just a day's walk from the city to where we are.

Trouble will spread.

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Too late Sean. Can't stand the sound of your voice anymore and I won't even listen to you on the radio.

Go cry

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Just letting you know, fren. I deal with this bullshit all the time. I didn't ask permission when we put ours in.

I just measured mine, it's on a diagonal in a corner 6" at the closest and mine is surrounded with stone. And the walls get pretty hot, so more space around the wood stove is ideal.

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I think we'll get EMPd and while the madness unfolds here, China will invade Taiwan. We'll be so busy over here to deal with them.

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I showed this to my 13 year old daughter because all of her friends play on tiktok and I said look what other nations are teaching their kids she looked at it and said "that looks like Boy Scouts, are they all wearing the same thing? don't Boy Scouts do that too?" And I honestly don't know, we don't have a scout in the family. Can anyone confirm if they are still teaching this to scouts at least?

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It was Lexington, at an event a few years back.

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