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"Hey Pat, men will be bringing a Savory side dish and women will be bringing a dessert to the potluck. So you'll be bringing...?"


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Also, it appears there are other Therapeutics that do work with far fewer ramifications.

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Arizona audit hearing notes

in a race decided by 10.457 votes

74 243 muli bants find when the NO cher record of them ar boing sent

3,991 voted despite registered AFTER Oct 15 deadline 11,326 voted who were NOT un rola un Now 7 but WERE on Dec

18000 vnted and then woro removed from alls AFTER action

Maricopa did not put semal numbers on original and duplicated ballcts and se caminos ensure they were accurately duplicated or how many times they were duplicated

The number of votes certified does not match the number of ballots sent to the audit

Digital ansicpert Ben Cotton as the Mancopa County lectus system was BREACHED during the chose the 2020 election. Antions systems not up to date since August of 2013 Allows access to saper

& systems

On March 11, over 37.000 queries for a blank password on a Maricops system that only contained 8 accounts. This was script used by the EMS Admin account. Who was using the EMS admin account? We don't know because Maricopa County won't hand ove the coutais which are ordered in the subpoena

All access loge were wiped in fifarch 2021

Heaming at ned WHAT they need from the Election Baart, VBY they need it to comprate the auct, and what couse they've been green as to why they havent been turned.over Ballot calibration was off by an amrage of 1000% leading to bloed through, which can cause ever vestes or inaccurate ate attribution The Courty has stated that they use thick ViteSucurs paper, which should limit bloed through in the event at mis-calibration However, the Cyber Finjas team found a large number of ballots on very thin paper stock. The ballots printed on-demand at the voting centers on Election Day has the worst calibrations issues More than 150 ballots were afected

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Does anyone believe it would even be possible that Joe Biden could deliver a speech even half as long as this with this much energy and clarity?

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Funny, but Trump should probably be in the top spot

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I went to school with her son in high school and he was every bit as insufferable as his mother is.

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Use the prepaid envelope that they want you to return it with and attach it to a brick. Then they have to pay for the cost of mailing a brick back to themselves.

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Or you could just volunteer to be one and rather than talking about the shot you can give people actual information about the risks, also information about the election. And then you could Mark everyone is vaccinated at the same time.

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