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While I do not doubt that some people have worked themselves up into such a terrified and panic-stricken frenzy over the last two years, nevertheless this sort of feels like it might be a cover story for something else going on behind the scenes...

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I mean, name changes DO happen...It's far easier and less bloody to change your name rather than chopping off your cocknballz

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I do not even understand how somebody who has worked so entwined with the comic in the movie industry particularly in the geeky realm could make the mistake of not understanding that the one part of Batman's face that is exposed as his f****** mouth...

Then again, he also f*****-up He-Man apparently.

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I have definitely caught whatever the thing is that goes around and makes you lose your sense of taste for a month that seems to be what this virus is.

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Posting the top half of this meme is what got me kicked off of Facebook I'm pretty sure. At least it was the straw that broke the Zuckerberg Camel's back.

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I am an Ardent Catholic and I teach the faith. I've been hypercritical of the current pope even as I recognized his authentic position. What's happening at the border is really a lot less to do with former Cardinal bergoglio then it is with the American Church receiving tons of money and trying to justify the money that it's receiving. Wolves have entered the sheep in as far as I'm concerned.

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So I respect Robert Barnes. And Barnes is HELLA critical of Lin.

But he refuted these claims on his show with Viva Frei a night or two ago:


And it was mostly the OTHER attorney at the time who was pushing him to public performances. Kyle is overwhelmed by people "helping."

It trust Barnes implicitly, and my trust of him grows every month.

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They knew that The Kenosha Kid was on the loose, and they dared not.

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