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More so now that the effect of HCQ and Ivermectin remain while the effectivity of the vaccines drops in the presence of the Delta variant.

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Yeah. I’m not the most conservative dude and this is nightmare fuel to me. Can’t imagine what it would do to a Pakistani Muslim.

by NACH0
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Fuck Milo on this one. First amendment is great and thank god for the second to defend myself from the commies that want to take the first away.

by blukid
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If I was the same degenerate I was in my 20’s I’d just go to Korean Spas and identify as a woman to hang out with all the Asian milfs hanging free.

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Of the Ozarks? Man, that’s awesome. Love that show. If they can keep it together for the final season it’s going to be up there with BB for me.

Mindhunters was another gem specially with their build up to BTK but now it’s frozen in limbo forever.

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I did, I don’t miss it. They cancelled Mindhunters.

I’ll borrow a login to watch final season of the Ozarks and then pretend it does not exist.

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Chandler dresses like a lesbian throughout the show anyways.

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