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Remdesivir kills, Ivermectin cures. This is why they push the Remdesivir and ventilators. Payday for the medical industrial complex

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We were warned, they carved it into fucking stone in Georgia. Funny thing is, I've been trying to wake people up for 40 years but they just mocked me. They aren't laughing now. Imagine that?

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Hmmm? Now where did I leave that EMP weapon...

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It's called..."not Ivermectin" But hey, at least they look like red pills. ;-)

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I just call em what they are...Sodomites. They love that one.

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KEK! Absolute mad lads! Bravo. Let's keep hounding this faggot until he breaks!

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white·wash (wīt′wŏsh′, -wôsh′, hwīt′-) n.

  1. A mixture of lime and water, often with whiting, size, or glue added, that is used to whiten walls, fences, or other structures.
  2. Concealment or palliation of flaws or failures.
  3. A defeat in a game in which the loser scores no points. tr.v. white·washed, white·wash·ing, white·wash·es
  4. To paint or coat with whitewash.
  5. To conceal or gloss over (wrongdoing, for example).
  6. Sports To defeat (an opponent) in a game in which the opponent does not score.
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Welcome to the Wiemar Republic. Check your brain at the door.

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He knows they are going to cheat him in so he has no worries.

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We should all arrange to meet our trusted associates if comms go down. Set up a meeting place with them in this event if you have not already done so.

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Gab is the place for that. Lot's in the works there. Torba is on fire to create this for all of us. He's talking about a parallel economy, healthcare system everything. It's what must be done, to peacefully separate us from the communists.

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