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Let's bring all the Ukranian women here for protection first.

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We need to start citizen's arresting the people passing and enforcing these laws. This is the most abject form of tyranny I can think of and needs to be nipped in the bud immediately.

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Hospitals that turn away patients simply because of their vaccination status are in direct violation of the Hippocratic oath and should have their medical license revoked.

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It can’t be considered an insurrection if the current government is illegitimate.

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This isn't reddit. Stop with the upvote begging, it's fucking cringe.

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The guy in the middle of the photo looks exactly like what you'd expect a pedophile to look like.

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Scott Adams used to be Based. What the fuck happened?

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You're goddamn right. Haha. I'm not out here writing political articles on ZeroHedge to be shared. Any time you have data you'd better be able to back it up, and posting anonymously isn't going to give our side any credibility.

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Or how about we take fucking action and start running for office so the communists don't completely fuck our system. This is OUR country. Why should we have to bend the fucking knee?

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Written by Tyler Durden. Ok cool. How about -- if you're going to write an article use your real fucking name? This kind of shit weakens our case.

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I won't try to change your mind because it's right.

Criminals will never adhere to the writing on paper (aka laws). They will only respond to force and convenience. If it's inconvenient to rob you because they might die, that's gun laws working.

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Edit -- I misunderstood what he was saying and I retract my statement but my original comment is below.

Fentanyl does not have Meth and Cocaine and Marijuana in it. That shit just makes him sound ridiculous. It's a highly concentrated opiate (think a refined version of heroin) that manufacturers use to dose their products. When it gets into the hands of idiot normal drug dealers who don't know how to properly dose or disintegrate, then it becomes a problem. It's about 100x more potent than heroin, so even a dose as small as a grain of sand can kill you if improperly ingested.

Drug dogs have OD'd when sniffing Fentanyl, even the particles it emits as an odor are extremely toxic.

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