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Remember, if you're under 50 and not a fatty you have a 0.0012% chance of hospitalization. If you feel like shit don't panic. Panic and anxiety causes panic attacks and it fucks up your breathing. Just keep calm and sleep it off with lots of fluids and asprin.

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There are about a dozen things, but you wouldn't even do the simplest one, which is propagandize physical social spaces. Instead you're here, in this echo chamber, because you've literally given up on that basic effort.

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The only true option is the United States Military Armed Forces stop what is happening. It's the only organized power structure that can. But they are doing a perfect job of loyalty testing and filtering out the one's that would save this Republic under the guise of vaccine discharge. It's all very very clever.

Communism has already bled my family dry of men. My infant son is the last of my name. Based on the current trends, I probably have 6, maybe 5, maybe less than 5 years before I have prepared my wife and child to live without me and I die on my feet.

They will come us over the words we speak, the NSA will likely have a transcript of this very conversation to use as evidence. Once it all truly begins, this slow encroachment of communism will be a thing of the past. It will be swift.

It will be a matter of fact announcement from the government and many will complain, but once the first shots rings out that take civilian protestors lives, everything will change.

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You scurry off into the woods to live a miserable survival life with your family until you are found.

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Even if I told you a list of 10 things you could do, not a single person here would do any of it, so that information is irrelevant.

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If you were going to make any real attempt at saving yourselves, and you had a realistic understanding of what's actually coming for you and your family in the near future, this scenario you describe as "not a viable option" would seem very viable.

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No they aren't. If you have a family you won't die for your guns. Maybe you'd die for your family, but you won't die for your guns. You won't kill with your guns for your guns.

You'll hand them over to a group of 5-8 cops with body armor and long guns without pulling a trigger.

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This entire sub is nothing but manchildren who will never pull a trigger in their life spreading FUD all over. Just look at every post about corruption, it’s 30 comments moaning about nothing being done.

When they come for their guns they will trade them for more cheeseburgers so they have something to eat while they scream at their monitors and then jerk off before going back to playing COD.

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As someone whose entire family barely escaped communism with their lives, and who had relatives that didn't, I'll say this about the politics we are witnessing in the world and especially the USA, and this subs reaction:

  1. Politicians only make moves against the system when they are threatened in significant ways.

  2. Everyone here loves to complain about there never being any consequences for corruption, and then does literally nothing as they wait for someone else to do something. And if someone on this sub tries to rally others to do anything along with them, they get shit on and told it won't make a difference.

Nothing happens to these people because you all get what you deserve.

You're allowing the slow death of your country every day because you can still buy a cheeseburger and LARP like you're free.

They're going to come for the guns and you will do nothing. You will hand them over for more cheeseburgers.

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Blasio is accepting pharma bribes just like that dumb bitch in Australia.

I guarantee it.

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Commonly referred to as "The No" as in "Just don't go there."

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I worked with a chick who my company headhunted straight out of an IHOP in Modesto.

We stopped for breakfast. She was such a good server one of the upper MGMT offered her a sales job on the spot. She's literally making 6 figures at that company to this day and broke multiple sales records in her first year.

She never graduated high school.

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God will not help us. God gave us the ability to help ourselves.

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