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Ruth spoke publicly that RvW was a poor ruling and that she felt it should be overturned. These people are retarded.

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Ignore them. Scott does more for the cause in one day than they will do in their life raging on a keyboard into an echo chamber.

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"I can fire all of you, or I can fire the one who betrayed the court. The choice is yours."

That's how you handle loose lips.

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By the left’s intersectional definitions of society she can’t speak for white males because she isn’t one.

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I want my old account back. I was followed and in touch with Scott Pressler and ZUBY. If I make a new account I’m back to being just a fart in the wind. My old account was my full real life name and thus my actual identity.

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My account that was banned without reason after Dr. Malone retweeted me has still not been reinstated. I’ve appealed 14 times in 6 months and Twitter has never even responded with a single reason I woke up one day to a suspension.

Fuck em.

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He’s red pilling millions of people fighting a culture war against the left but go off keyboard warrior

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I've worked in marketing for 15+ years.

If Trump goes with "SAVE AMERICA" or keeps "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" he's winning full stop. The outpouring of voters after 3 more years of whatever this is will be so fucking massive even the soychildren will be begging for him.

The only way he doesn't win is if the Globohomos poison his diet coke.

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This should be stickied but instead we have some dog shit meme comics.

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Cancel the interest. Let me breathe. That's all I want. I'll repay the rest.

Until then this is the most fucked carrot on a stick I've ever seen Democrats wave in the face of their sheep.

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