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She claims that 15 minutes after getting her vαccine she began to 'fit uncontrollably' for 45 minutes, but her doctor said her symptoms weren't caused by the jab.

Lmfao. Total coincidence im sure. Jeeze. These people are demented. So evil.

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Fbi busy dealing with domestic terrorist parents at school board meetings

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I remember him getting a shot in the right arm and when asked about any side effects he held his left arm and said he was a little sore. Lol.

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They dont have power over shit.

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Yea. I hear that NoVax has even fewer side effects.

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Cut out sugars, processed food and vegetable/seed oils. Eat within an 8 hour window. Lift a few days a week and go for an occasional run. The weight will come off real quick and you dont have to starve yourself.

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I see so many post dedicated to throwing away some of the biggest supporters of the movement. That is energy spent in the wrong place. Are we suddenly just going to eat up this cnn garbage? Divide and conquer in full effect!

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Wow. Look at those eyes.