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No one on this site should dislike these post ! I don't read it every day, but many time I will go to it to verify something I read elsewhere.

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I was only 30 seconds in, so I don't know anything. I really wanted to hear what Piton had to say !

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A couple of months ago I received an update on my phone. I don't even remember if it was Samsung, Verizon or Chrome. Ever since, I have no icons on the bottom of my phone (Back, Close, etc.) Makes it hard to us. If I want to close it I have to start the phone turn off process and then I close all.

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I've been collecting physical silver for decade, it's value is based on futures. The silver prices have been crazy. It's about $25 now, but 6 to 8 months ago it was $12.

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It's not about Green, it's about energy independence. If we have it why would we start wars in the Middle East ?

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The change is required, but I think it was a few days too soon. We need a few days to accept this bullshit election !

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To get a hundred more !

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Basketball, football over. MO ST isn't playing today.

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It involves more than just the Proud Boys. They call us all White Supremacist. By naming Proud Boys they are the only ones with a chance of stopping it !

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Sold it, not unheard of.

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Well, that couldn't possibly mean "I'm Ok" could it ?

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Impeach just means accuse. He was not convinced the first time and he won't be convicted this time !

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