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they werent "elected". They were installed.

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If this doesnt mention the jews, then its grade A bullshit.

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"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice..."

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No it wont. Nothing is going to change. The can will keep getting kicked down the road, now it will be "oh we have to wait for PA now, just two more weeks!".

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the elections are rigged. It doesnt matter how many people show up.

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The "biden administration" is merely a collection of puppets. They dont control shit.

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Fuck this country.

It deserves to burn.

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Im not hopeful at all. Flooding white countries with non-whites, and propagandizing culture, has been a deep state "ace up their sleeve" tactic for a while. More than half the country, whether liberal or conservative, wouldnt ever DREAM of sending these people back where they came from.

Every day that goes by, I become less and less willing to "fight" to fix the country. I almost dont care anymore. Hopefully I can make enough $ in the next couple years, however long it may be before white people are a minority, that I can buy a cabin out in the middle of nowhere and be left the fuck alone. Im so sick of this fucking nightmare world Im forced to live in. I cannot stand it.

If this "multicultural" wasteland is what I am supposed to "fight" for, fuck it, no, Im not going to.

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Matt Walsh- "Thats just something guys like to do. Theres nothing wrong with looking around a construction site"

matt walsh is nothing but a subversive faggot

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UFC is like the only organization that has avoided pretty much all political grandstanding, and even kept putting on fights when the """pandemic""" started

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strategically placed "dirty" bombs

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had to give her the ol' yeller

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you know, as much as Id love to see that happen, I dont think it ever will. People are so god damn hypnotized by "mUh sKiN CoLoR!!" that they would literally sacrifice their own children before they offend a non-white person.

This country is fucked. Permenantly.

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so in your opinion, white people should not be allowed to simply have their own country?

Does poland need to be forcibly "integrated"?



do all of these countries need to have other groups of people forced into them?


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nicki minaj calling out the establishment?

what parallel timeline do we live in

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no wonder canada is so fucked

*go ahead and reply telling me how awful and bigoted and mysogonistic I am. Surely it will change my opinion if you insult me enough!!

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goodbye western civilization, it was good while it lasted.

Literally dying on the alter of "tolerance".

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