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I can just see all the fake Trump supporters heads asploding right now - "Ukraine bad, Nazis good" - cognitive dissonance at it's finest.

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n January 1, the world celebrated New Year’s Day—a holiday of self-reflection, self-renewal, and hope. In Ukraine, the focus was different. There, January 1 marks the birthday of Stepan Bandera, Ukraine’s Nazi national hero. 

Bandera is the founding father of Ukrainian Nazism and his birthday is a national holiday. In Ukraine, paying homage to their most famous antisemite and leading Nazi collaborator of World War II, is a very big deal. Calling All Nazis

Under President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the level of Nazi influence and control in Ukraine has been unprecedented. Zelenskyy outlawed all 11 independent and opposition political parties but left the parties and organizations of his Nazi partners and allies intact and in power. So, it’s not surprising that on Bandera’s birthday, the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament (with nobody but Nazis left in it)—erupted into wild cheers. Later, General Valery Zaluzhny, Ukraine’s military commander in chief, posted a photo of himself proudly posing in front of Bandera’s portrait. 

The message from Ukraine’s top lawmakers and general was clear. Have no doubt as to who and what our government and army are fighting for in NATO’s proxy war with Russia.

The commemoration of Ukraine’s top Nazi didn’t go over well in Poland. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki angrily denounced Ukraine’s “continued glorification of (the) Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera . . .”

So, why the outrage? 

To understand the reason for Polish fury over Ukraine’s Bandera worship, we must briefly review what happened in Ukraine during World War II—and separate facts from propaganda. “Unimaginable Bestiality”

Bandera was the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN)—Ukrainian Nazi collaborators who dreamt of a racially pure Ukraine, free of Jews, ethnic Russians, and Poles. During World War II, primarily in the Wolyn region of the Ukrainian countryside, the OUN massacred at least 100,000 Poles.

To make it appear that the homicidal rampage was a spontaneous peasant uprising (and out of sadistic pleasure), the OUN’s preferred modus operandi was to kill with axes, hatchets, scythes, knives, hammers, steel bars, and pitchforks. Banderites shoved victims by the hundreds into buildings and barns and burned them alive—a method still preferred by Ukrainian Nazis today.

Banderite mobs roamed like rabid dogs. Poland’s The First News recounts the barbarism: 

In the blood frenzy, the Ukrainians tortured their victims with unimaginable bestiality. Victims were scalped. They had their noses, lips and ears cut off. They had their eyes gouged out and hands cut off and they had their heads squashed in clamps. Women had their breasts cut off and pregnant women were stabbed in the belly. Men had their genitals sliced off with sickles.

The 2016 Polish film, “Hatred,” (also titled “Wolyn” or “Volhynia”) is an historically accurate account of the Banderites’ crimes. The movie is shockingly graphic—many scenes are almost impossible to watch. Because of the truth it tells, Ukrainian authorities have banned its showing.  Bandera and the Holocaust in Ukraine 

One in every four Jewish victims of the Holocaust—1.5 million people—was murdered in Ukraine. The Germans didn’t build gas chambers to murder Jews in Ukraine—they didn’t need them. The extent of Ukrainian collaboration with the Nazis was colossal. More than 250,000 Ukrainians volunteered for Waffen SS and other German military formations. Thousands more served as willing executioners both as auxiliary police in Ukraine and as death camp guards in Poland.

This was the “Holocaust of Bullets.” One and a half million Jews were rounded up and shot to death in fields, forests, and ravines. Banderites played a major role. OUN forces operated overtly on their own, integrated into police units, and served as highly motivated auxiliaries in the Einsatzgruppen, the German mobile extermination units.

The Germans invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, capturing the Ukrainian city of Lvov within a week. OUN Banderites distributed flyers instructing the Ukrainian population, “Don’t throw away your weapons yet. Take them up. Destroy the enemy. . . . Moscow, the Hungarians, the Jews—these are your enemies. Destroy them.” OUN also distributed flyers to Lvov’s Jews declaring, “We will lay your heads at Hitler’s feet”—which is exactly what they did. In the subsequent Banderite-initiated pogrom, 7,000 Jews were murdered in two days. Thousands more followed. 

The massacre of Jews in Lvov was duly recorded by the Nazi collaborators themselves. The photos are shocking. But today in Lvov, a $47 million monument stands to honor Bandera and one of the city’s major streets has been named after him.  Zelenskyy Is A Willing Accomplice

For more than 70 years, Ukrainian Nazis and their apologists both within and without the country have conducted a disinformation campaign to whitewash Bandera and rewrite history. Their primary objective has been to fabricate Bandera the Nazi into a “freedom fighter.” This effort has increased with Ukraine’s accelerated Nazification under Zelenskyy. Across Ukraine, more than 50 monuments and statues have been built in Bandera’s honor and 500 streets named after him. 

Ukraine’s Jewish president is a willing accomplice in the Bandera deceit. Zelenskyy has completely ignored Bandera’s antisemitic Nazi legacy and complicity in the murder of more than 1.6 million Ukrainian Jews, Poles, and Russians. He has stated that if Ukrainians revere this Nazi murderer as a national hero then, “That’s normal. That’s cool.” That’s cool because in Zelenskyy’s book Bandera was “one of those people who defended freedom for Ukraine.”

Zelenskky’s idea of freedom is different from that of most Americans. In addition to extinguishing freedom of the press, outlawing all non-Nazi political parties, and banning the Russian Orthodox Church, Zelenskyy has overseen and directed Nazi infestation into every level of the Ukrainian government and military. Zelenskyy’s significant promotions of Nazis include awarding the “Hero of Ukraine” medal to a Right Sector commander, appointing Right Sector co-founder Dmytro Yarosh, as advisor to the commander in chief of the Armed Forces, and replacing the head of the Odessa Regional Administration with a commander of the Nazi Aidar Battalion.   Ukrainian Jews Supporting Nazis

Can Jews support Nazis in Ukraine? 

When questions about Ukraine’s Nazi regime started to surface, the media rushed in to silence them and prevent discussion. The stock response from media across the political spectrum was to repeatedly state Zelenskyy’s Jewish ancestry—as if that made the very question of Ukrainian Naziism absurd. The implied “logic” of this dodge was—“Zelenskyy is Jewish. It is impossible for a Jew to support Nazis. Therefore, there are no Nazis in Ukraine.” Zelensky was bulletproof—no talk about Nazis could touch him. In fact, since he was president, Nazis in Ukraine couldn’t even exist. 

But as I have previously documented, not only is his a thoroughly Nazi regime but Zelenskyy has done more to support and institutionalize Nazis in Ukraine than any president before him.   

His Jewish critics provide other insights. Zelenskyy does not identify as a Jew. He only mentions his Jewish heritage when politically profitable to do so—as when concealing the truth about his Nazi regime. 

Zelenskyy doesn’t practice Judaism, married a Christian woman, had his children baptized in the Orthodox Church, and observes Christian holidays. In fact, during his campaign for president, he and his press spokesman refused to even confirm if he was Jewish. 

Zelenskyy mocks Jewish culture. Hava Nagila, “Let us rejoice,” is a revered Hebrew folk song performed at Jewish celebrations worldwide. Zelenskyy’s idea of honoring this piece of Jewish cultural heritage was to perform Hava Nagila with his penis as an on-stage comedy act. 

Finally, during his world tour to demand billions more in money and weapons, Zelenskyy outraged members of the Israeli Knesset with a shameful Ukrainian Holocaust denial speech. Refusing to acknowledge Ukraine’s history of Banderite-Nazi collaboration, Zelenskyy absurdly claimed that the Ukrainians’ significant war effort against the Germans was that “they rescued Jews.” Jewish critics blasted him for his “distortions of the Holocaust.” 

His presentation to the Greek parliament was also disgraceful. It included a speech by an Azov Nazi Zelenskyy had brought to appear alongside him. Some lawmakers walked out in disgust, describing Zelenskyy’s performance a “Nazi fiesta.”

But Zelenskyy wasn’t the first rich and powerful Ukrainian Jew to support the Nazis. Ihor Kolomoyskyi is the Jewish Ukrainian billionaire oligarch and original financial sponsor of the Azov and Aidar Battalions. He also bankrolls other Nazi militias. Kolomoyskyi was Zelenskyy’s principal financial backer for president. And as owner of Burisma Holdings, he was Hunter Biden’s boss.

So can Jews support Nazis in Ukraine? Clearly, they can and do. The Western Media’s Nazi Whitewash

Ukraine is the world’s first openly Nazi state since 1945. But for the past year, the Western media has launched a propaganda blitz to whitewash Ukrainian Nazis—as if they never existed. There are two reasons for this attempt to erase and rewrite history. 

The first is the warmongers’ need to control information and manipulate public opinion. 

Americans hate Nazis. We fought a world war to defeat German, Italian, and Japanese national socialism and militarism, and 420,000 Americans died to help win it. The ruling elites of the military-industrial-congressional complex know that if the American people got wise to the truth about Zelenskyy and his Nazi regime, Ukraine wouldn’t get another dime. 

The second reason is Vladimir Putin. 

Putin declared that one of the primary objectives of Russia’s Special Military Operation was to “de-Nazify” Ukraine. This is a big problem for Joe Biden, NATO, and the warmongers in Congress. 

For 20 years, the military-industrial-congressional complex and their media have painted a picture of Vladimir Putin that is evil incarnate. It wouldn’t play well for the warmongers if after all this demonization, Americans found out that Putin had been telling the truth about Nazis in Ukraine all along.  

Before receiving their orders to erase history, the Western media had been telling the truth about Nazis in Ukraine. Here’s a short list of their reporting before the whitewash. 

The Hill: “The Reality of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine Is Far from Kremlin Propaganda”  

Time: “Inside A White Supremacist Militia in Ukraine”

BBC “Newsnight”: “Neo-Nazi Threat in New Ukraine”

Al-Jazeera: “Ukrainian Fighters Grease Bullets Against Chechens with Pig Fat”

BBC: “Ukraine Underplays Role of Far Right in Conflict”

BBC (again): “Ukraine conflict: ‘White power’ warrior from Sweden” 

The Guardian: “Welcome to Ukraine, The Most Corrupt Nation in Europe”

Newsweek: “Ukrainian Nationalist Volunteers Committing ‘ISIS-Style’ War Crimes”

BBC “Newsnight”: “Ukraine: On patrol with the far-right National Militia” Globalist Elites Are All In

The Western globalist elites are all in with their exuberant support of the Washington-led proxy war. During the recent meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, there was no talk of peace in Ukraine, but only of escalation and carrying on a “forever war.”

Big Tech is also taking the disinformation of the Nazi whitewash to the next level. Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta announced that Facebook has removed the designation of “dangerous organization” from the Nazi Azov Battalion. The white supremacists now have full access to the platform. 

In a nation saturated with Nazi militias, organizations, and political parties—the Azov Battalion remains Ukraine’s

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The Undeniable Link Between Anti-Semitism and America’s Decline It starts with the Jews but never ends with the Jews.

It has become a truism that Jews are history’s “canary in the coal mine”. Across cultures and continents, where Jews have flourished, so have the societies around them. Where Jews have faced persecution and expulsion, it is usually a sign that darker forces are taking hold that will degrade, diminish, and often, destroy the broader society.

The examples of this phenomena are numerous and profound. Spain’s golden era of Jewish achievement brought unprecedented success to the Kingdom. Its expulsion of the Jews resulted in the country’s ultimate decline. Jews were central to Germany’s vibrant intellectual, artistic, and economic life in the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries. Hitler’s evil and irrational hatred not only decimated European Jewry, but it also destroyed Germany, and tens of millions of lives across Europe as well.

With these history lessons in mind, how should we view the rising anti-Semitism in America today? As an inevitable reality that Jews have faced since Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? As a specific threat to our Jewish-American community that we have to fight for our own sake? Or as a danger to America – and the core values that have been the bedrock of this country’s rise?

It is all three of these things, however the most concerning is the last one. We should approach this fight – first and foremost – as Americans concerned about the way in which anti-Semitism reflects broader dangers to our way of life. History of Antisemitism

The four main drivers of anti-Semitism in America – on the radical right, on the radical left, among radical Muslims, and among black supremacists, such as Louis Farrakhan—all happen to also hate America. These groups and their supporters all seek to undermine its core values of free speech, democracy, individual rights, equality, and religious pluralism. And they all see Jews – who have long championed these values – as easy prey. We are a useful target in their bigger struggle of changing America beyond recognition, in line with their extreme ideologies.

While Jew hatred from Black supremacists is a recent American phenomenon, the radical right, the radical left and the radical Muslims have hated Jews for hundreds or thousands of years. Each one of them promoting its own version of classical antisemitism which resulted in blood libels, pogroms, massacres and the holocaust.

Following the Holocaust, Antisemitism was politically incorrect in America for about 30 years, but a new kind of antisemitism started originating from Campus leftism of the 1960’s just after Israel’s miraculous victory in the 1967 Six-Day-War and the new military alliance it formed with America, which transformed the Jewish state, in the leftist mind, from David fighting Goliath into a Western imperialist and a colonialist over-dog.

From the moment Israel became the Goliath and an ally of America, the left also hated Israel because of its resemblance to America. The New Anti-Western Religion

In the 1970s, Radical Left movements started forming alliances with radical Muslims groups because both positioned themselves as fighting against Western values and imperialism.

Despite the fact they are naturally completely misaligned in their belief systems and ideologies, this strategic partnership known as the red-green or Islamo-Left alliance, is based on anti-Western, anti-American, and anti-Zionist principles. While it emerged in Europe and the Middle east, this alliance took hold in America in the 1980s, primarily in institutions of higher education.

Critical Race Theory (CRT), rooted in Marxism, began to form around the same time, claiming that white people are inherently and irredeemably racist and benefit from various systemically racist “power structures.

CRT aligned organizations began pushing efforts to erode the core principles that make our country exceptional, replacing America’s commitment to individual rights and equality, meritocracy, rule of law, tolerance, pluralism, due process, freedom of speech, and free-market capitalism with policies centered on a racialized and violent world immersed in conspiracy theories and political polarization.

As a new bedfellows, the Islamo-Leftist alliance joined forces to promote radical ideologies in America including Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the theory of intersectionality, which argues marginalized and oppressed groups must come together to fight against oppressors, which included Israel and the Jews. The New Antisemitism

The modern rise of antisemitism also known as the New Antisemitism kicked off at the start of the 21st century with the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement. With the Islamo Leftist alliance behind it, BDS, with its agenda to demonize the Jewish people and destroy the State of Israel, quickly moved from the fringes of our society and into the mainstream. Civil society organizations, American universities, and far-left politicians would come to endorse the BDS ideology.

Behind BDS, there has always stood a burning hatred of America, its exceptional liberal democratic and capitalist character, and worldwide influence, which is why it has been embraced by the far left and radical Muslims.

With American Jews unable to mount an effective defense against BDS due to our small numbers, division, and aversion to conflict, a door was opened for BDS to get incorporated into the Left’s radical ideologies as they have gained popularity over the past twenty years, normalizing antisemitism as an integral part of anti-Americanism. Antisemitism is Now Part of the Left Radical Ideologies

BDS and CRT are now intimately intertwined through the left-wing theory of “intersectionality”, and are being aggressively implemented in the workplace and school through CRT-adjacent policies like DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and Ethnic Studies Curriculums. Americans from an increasingly early age are being indoctrinated to view America as intrinsically evil that must be totally remade according to racialized and socialist ‘Woke’ standards.

Although Jews are a major target of these groups, the struggle is not really about us—the ultimate target has always been America.

American Jews need to create alliances with other Americans focused on helping the public to understand that anti-Semitism spreading BDS, CRT, Ethnic Studies and DEI are first and foremost a threat to our core American values. Nothing less than the future of America – and the Jewish American community – is at stake.

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If you had more than a single digit IQ you would realize that Christians and Jews have a lot more in common than with anyone else. We are allies.

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Who are all these soy cocksuckers downvoting this stuff? I think antifags and other such types have infiltrated this place.

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Also Mencken

Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.

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Then you are in the wrong place. This is a TRUMP SITE first and foremost, and President Trump is a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people.

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But it isn't the truth. You need to be elsewhere. Maybe Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib have a chat site you could use

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Then why are you even on this website? This is a pro Trump website

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You need to be permanently banned from the site. you're either an idiot or a glowie. Both make President Trump look bad.

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No, they've had the strongest European economy for decades.

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We rebuilt their country. What the hell is wrong with you?

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Never forget, never let it be whitewashed by the revisionist scum of today.

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I saw an article that listed people who are paid by the Dems to push their talking points in the media, and she was one of those listed.

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Agreed, just look at all the blatant racism and antisemitism that proliferates here. Each and every one of those posts damage President Trump. That is only something that an enemy would do.

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You are one miserable sorry cocksucker. Does the Holocaust not ring a bell to you?

Do you not know that this site is dedicated to president trump, and that President Trump also is a great friend of israel? The only fucking democracy over there and one of our biggest allies?

Scum like you make me sick. You have no business being on this website. Period

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There are a lot of stupid trolls and assholes on here, not sure if they are leftists or just idiots, but there is a large contingent that post things that make Trump look bad just by being associated with this website. I think there are a lot of bad actors on here.,

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I'll bet you're thinking of the children all right. Just the same way that match former business partner did

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