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Yep because now they call us the American Taliban for being against murdering babies.

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The JINOs are in Israel because it is their playground for how they want the NWO to go. They don’t just simply stay there, the subvert and corrode the rest of the world to fall in line with the NWO.

The top of the Jewish bureaucracy collabed with the Nazis to enact the Shoah, the former’s permanent shield against any and all criticisms.

Don’t believe me? Ashkenazi.

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Notice cops barely dress in blue now, they dress in black just like Antifa. Both are paramilitary wings of the bloated bureaucracy. This is coming from someone who used to respect cops.

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Hang in there fren. Me and my wife were barred from my best man’s wedding unless we got the jab. Do not comply. You comply with one you’ll comply with a thousand. This is the scam of the century

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It’s so bizarre seeing them do the same tricks as 20 years ago, shows how out of touch they are.

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Audits are the new Q.

Wendy is a dude and Trump is a woman.

I still support GEOTUS and think he’s the best leader our country and even the world has ever seen. I disagree with his vaccine stance but nobody is perfect.

No hostility it’s between fren to fren.

Find me a picture of Trump with facial hair or 5 o clock shadow .

Find me a picture of Trump’s Adam’s apple.

Until then it is very plausible that Trump is a Female to Male invert puppet of the elites. He’s still the best Truth antenna there ever was.

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They’re gonna kill him there and blame it on us

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Incoming false flags.

False flag list:

Oklahoma Columbine 9/11 Sandy Hook Boston Bombing George Floyd

What else y’all got?

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The race war wagon has went down the road already. The forced jab nonsense has given Blacks and MAGA a common enemy.

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Look up Stephen Jackson the basketball player. That has to be one of the George Floyd’s.

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