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On testosterone and still can’t manage to increase the size of its traps and delts…

I know womens bikini competitors who have more muscle mass, and bikini is literally a diet, implants and spray tan contest with a bit of Winny or Anavar thrown into the mix.

Hell, my wife had significantly more muscle mass than this thing long before she hopped in AAS.

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You’re welcome!

I’m just glad to help out while supporting American businesses. Plus the quality of a good pair of jeans can’t be beat and can last many many years. Enjoy your evening as well!

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If you’re looking for some good jeans, check out Raleigh Denim Workshop and Railcar Fine Goods. Both of these companies are American and make their product in the USA. I collect/wear a ton of denim and I have yet to encounter anyone who is unhappy with their Railcar jeans. I’d rank them up there with Iron Heart at 1/2 the price.

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Most of their production was moved to the shittiest of shitholes.

I’ve blown out pairs of 501 STF within months. Used to never happen that quickly. Not even worth darning to fix the blowouts - basically straight into the trash they go. My last pair of 501 were already starting to fall apart within 48 hours. Stitches were sloppy as hell and weak.

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Isn’t that the Secretary of Transportation?

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So all it takes is purchasing a kid and suddenly that sodomite understands families?

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Fauci should be dangling from a noose. One tied improperly that is, so it didn’t break his neck immediately on the way down.

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“Stop talking about the black supremacist terrorist who murdered and maimed a bunch of innocents”

No, I don’t think I will.

Also, isn’t Tammy related to that Andy Samberg guy?

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So… they are outside the Polish Embassy in NYC. They are making demands that Poland take in these parasitic migrant invaders. They are also doing this almost 7000 kilometers from Poland, so it won’t directly impact them in the short term. Also isn’t Poland less than 0.1% non-Christian? Who gives a fuck what these leftist members of Reform Judaism think.

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It’s insane that people refuse to open their eyes and see that the ruling class view the commoners as a completely different species. We don’t even register as humans to them. They see themselves as gods and the common man is simply lucky to be in their awe-inspiring presence. It’s sick.

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I came to terms with my mortality pretty early on in life.

I had a lot of close calls prior to enlisting. When I was in the Army, there were many close calls as well as times where I made peace with the fact I might lose a limb or my life. Definitely had my fair share of, if I was 1” over in that direction, I’d be dead… damn.

My TL once essentially told me, when I was a young soldier (and curious as to how he didn’t seem afraid of dying),

Eventually you realize that if you’re going to die, you’re going to die. When your time comes, there’s no point in running from it. Just don’t worry about it. Live your life. You’ll be happier.

That stuck with me. Really changed my outlook.

When the virus first became an issue and people were panicking, my wife and I went for a walk. No masks, no gloves, just threw on our hoodies (since it was a bit chilly and wet out) and went for a nice long walk through the neighborhood and ended up just sitting in a park for a bit. Got some angry looks from a handful of people (and were shouted at by some grumpy lady). But you know what? If this was some evil horrible deadly virus, we decided we’d rather spend our last moments together enjoying our time instead of hiding away in our home while running down the clock.

People talk about how 2020 and 2021 were robbed from them because of this virus, but that’s all on them. In 2021 I helped my wife significantly boost her credit score. We paid a ton of bills down months in advance as well as put money away. We picked up some new skills, built a great home gym, rescued a few animals that were abandoned by their owner(s). We went to the beach almost daily, went out for walks, spent more time together. I taught her how to perform a ton of maintenance on her truck. We cooked our own meals and tried new recipes. Made some amazing memories. Not once did we wear masks, we didn’t get the clot shot. We didn’t let some bullshit rules get in the way of our enjoyment of life.

Living in fear gets you nowhere. We did the exact opposite and, if anything, on a personal level, the last two years have been an absolute success for us. Death is just another natural process. We shouldn’t fear it, we should accept it for what it is - just another thing that happens. Go out there and live your life, enjoy it, you only get one shot at it so you might as well make the best of it. My grandmother busted her ass to stay fit well into her 90s, you know what did her in? She tripped over a throw rug and went head first into a coffee table (she would have definitely found humor in that… granny had a dark sense of humor). You just never know when it’s going to happen to you, so there’s no point to hiding away in a protective bubble. That isn’t living… that’s just… existing.

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Why are they allowing those degens to do normal family things? Shouldn’t they be institutionalized?

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What I find insane is how many people are buying into that narrative.

Growing up I knew one kid who died from something medical. We were in high school. He had cancer. It was such a rare thing for a student to die from a medical issue back then that they made a MASSIVE deal out of it. Also, both of his parents had cancer as well and his dad died a few weeks before he did.

When my wife was a kid/teen she also only knew of one kid who she went to school with who died from something medical. It was a terminal condition and it was known that the kid was living on borrowed time.

I grew up playing sports on teams in different leagues. Baseball, tennis, soccer, rugby, basketball. Only time anyone had a medical issue was one kid in baseball had a brain tumor. Never even knew kids could have heart attacks back then.

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Synthol is generally used to help with symmetry on lagging body parts. Then you have people who just inject it in lieu of actually building those body parts.

Essentially he’s a big meat pocket full of oil.

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My company had to up every engineers salary after it was brought to their attention during an all-hands meeting that they would lose the real talent in droves if they didn’t. Easiest 10% raise ever.

Right now they are doing everything in their power to keep the wages competitive in order to not lose employees to competitors based in more freedom-friendly states as well. When I got on my most recent promotion/new team, I literally handed them my compensation expectation and told them that it’s the lowest I’ll go (it wasn’t) or I’d accept an offer from a competitor in a state that has significantly more freedom. Had a signed salary offer by end of the day. They’re basically bribing people right now to come back.

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we were only allowed

Become ungovernable. I mean who was going to enforce that anyways? Kate? When she’s not munching carpet, she’s munching on her snowglobe mask.

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Also these are the same people who got upset with you if you wanted to go to the park, the gym, all of that fun stuff. You know, things that help improve your health.

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I think 2020 was the best year for that type of stuff. Hell, even over the summer, the normally packed beach was absolutely empty. Ample parking, lots of space to just spread out and not have anyone trip over you. It was a good time all around.

Those of us not afraid to live got to have an all out good time while the afraid got to suffer alone in their homes. It was adorable.

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I wonder if we stopped paying him, if he would continue to show up or if it would sort itself out. 🤔

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What’s kind of ironic is that his character on SG-1 was sent to find allies, decided to abandon his people, then later when he has a change of heart about deserting his people, he is drugged.

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I’m happy they are blindly following along though. Allows me to see who is stupid and who can sort-of think for themselves.

Already had a coworker get his 3rd immediately when he was able to. He’s some 33 year old softbody sheep with zero work ethic who would miss meetings because he was asleep. Constantly drinking too, lives off of ramen and never stepped foot in a gym (but he is all about health or something, hence the clot shot).

I felt like shit after the first one, was really debilitated after the second one. Just got the third one though, let’s see how it goes.

I’m wondering how long it’ll take him to just keel over. Might sound fucked up, but I’m actually looking forward to seeing a bunch of these people drop. Plus, I’m going to annex some of the surrounding cubicles (also I want his nice mechanical keyboard and his ultra wide monitor).

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