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Every move he makes around children screams predator. Every time.

He was also grabbing a little girl's head and sniffing her hair last week. I saw it on Salty's live stream.

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Thank you, OP. I've been passive-aggressively not upvoting Let's Go Brandon posts like a little bitch instead of saying, loud and clear...


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This. Never let them take you. It's Rule #1 of people who escaped Communism.

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Yeah, I really should. I'm just lazy.

You got a link to that website handy? I'll order some.

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Also remember the last GA FBI investigator who took on a serious investigation of a cabal crime got suicided because of it.

(The governor's daughter's boyfriend's blown-up car)

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The Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 protocol is actually very good and may be the reason you haven't felt sick.

Quercetin is a Zinc ionophore that's supposed to be just as good as hydroxychloroquine. I've kept some on hand for over a year and take the vitamins every day.

Of course, it'll be good to have your Ivermectin on hand when it gets there, too. I just bought some horse paste, no joke, just in case, and it was cheap for the exact same medicine.

edit: Further reading shows me you did get sick. Go get the horse paste, man. Just adjust the dose for your weight and you'll be right as rain.

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Haha, best play on words I've seen in a long time.

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I'm so sorry about your beloved dog. Dogs are truly the best friends humans have ever had. They really are absolute goodness.

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Really. He's good buddies with John Podesta so that says a whole lot about him right there.

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Wow, thanks! I don't know what could've happened to make the 'dot' disappear before the 'com'.

I copied and pasted directly from the video URL. Weird.

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Here's Putin in a video from 2017 talking about evil pedos running the Western countries.


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I'd like to think so. I hope so.

However, the neocons and commies in our government really did a number on him by lying about Russia to the point diplomatic relations were out of the question during his first term.

I always though that was the worst damn shame.

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Try this:

Digital World Acquisition Corp

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IIRC, they were going to try pinning the Vatican banking scandal on Pope Benedict. They were all dead-set against him (just like happened to our President) and there was no way out for him.

What a travesty to have a "pope" that was selected by demons like John Podesta and Hillary Clinton to destroy the Church. (See Wikileaks emails)

I guess we now know what the third secret of Fatima is, don't we?

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