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I was thinking about that crazy broad not 15 minutes ago, wondering if there's any way possible somebody that damn stupid is a real person. Now I know she's just paid to be stupid.

(But apparently doesn't mind, so still stupid)

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After our 2020 election was stolen I saw comments on YouTube from people all over the world asking, "What happened? You have guns! You have a Second Amendment!"

Others went on to say how disappointed they were because the whole world depends on us to lead the way in freedom. It made me feel like a pos, frankly.

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The reason muzzies changed it was because when sounded out phonetically, the word "moslem" sounded just like a word that means "one who is evil." Therefore I take special delight in using the word moslem, haha.

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Here's a link for the show commercial-free. After the 1st hour is over, everyone can just click on Ron Gibson's name and get the 2nd and 3rd hours.


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Can you find the post and put a link in the comments? The tweet on this post has been removed. Even a description of what it was would be nice, if you could. Thanks!

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Here's the documentary Tucker is talking about at the end of the video. It's about the permanent damage done to these kids by the cult of trans.


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All you have to do is ask. :) If you'd like your name added to be notified when these posts are put up, just ask PaigeAshley and she'll add you to the list.

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There are several MSM articles saying he conceded, so it's real. Don't know why she deleted the tweet though.

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Oh no, haha. I've heard of that happening to other people and now it seems to be my turn.

They don't seem to understand that, unlike Reddit, those downvotes don't subtract from your overall 'karma' score at all.

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I've heard about the missing edit button and it's a good idea to check for it. As for the synagogue comment being removed, I thought it was really mild and not rude at all.

Looks like there was an over-reaction to it.

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The book that encourages lies in the pursuit of power over the infidels?

What could go wrong? :(

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Here's a very good lecture by Father Ripperger explaining the 5 Generals that are the demons directly under Satan. He goes on to explain that there is virtually no difference between Satanism and Communism.

Our country and its court system have turned us over to the devil.

Time stamped where he starts talking about the 5 generals.


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I have 9 hours of interviews between Father Martin and Art Bell saved on my computer. I think you can still find them on YouTube, too.

The "perfectly possessed" made me immediately think of George Soros.

Btw, his name was Father Malachi Martin.

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I've been wondering if they promised him the steal in '24 to reward him for being a traitor.

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