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Its the only vax an intelligent person would take for the coof. Doesn't require a booster and zero side effects.

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Won't lie, didn't tear up or get a lump in my throat. Had a big ole shit eating grin on my face because I felt immense joy that the side of justice managed to come out on top in 🤡 🌎. And I felt the utmost relief for Kyle. Knowing he can live on a free man. Despite 🤡 🌎 once again.

And then I felt pissed off that he had to be in this situation in the first place.

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Fuck that. I show the emotion of unyielding determination and righteous anger. That and pure joy over their defeat. :)

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One should not project their experiences onto others. I hope you don’t have to wear diapers one day from all that cheek clapping he did to you.

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One is an American woman who put her entire youth and soul into raising another God-given life to the best of her abilities. She wasn’t worried about the outside, but the beauty within herself and her family.

The other looks like she needs to lay off of the photo filters so that her online hookups don’t puke when they see her in person. Or that could be the smell of five year old rotting fish that surrounds her. :)

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Agree minus the last statement. Stick on telegram sure, but keep on remaking groups on Fakebook. Farm people with the same views off of it. Show them they can reconnect elsewhere.

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Were I them, I would make a Fakebook page too. And make sure anyone who joins who shows they are indeed for the cause has a backup off-site location for contact and planning. Then each time Fakebook deletes it, I'd remake it. Fuck complying. If each time it is remade it attracts a few (or many) more people who can then be taken off-site then it's doing its job.

And taking people from Fakebook in the process.

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How dare. GEOTUS has never said that. Shame on you!

Oh...OH! You meant the Resident of the United States. Laws are just things his Democrat handlers wipe his ass with to him.

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Over a hundred years... oh oh I know this one! Put the needs of the people first. Try to make America great again. Gave up his wealth for the calling of trying to help the nation he loves....

Did I get it right?

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Notice he isn't putting his hand over her mouth, leaning over her and sniffing her hair, or doing anything creepy? That's how you know he isn't a Democrat.


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I hope Brandon (driver) wins more and more races. And keeps people cheering it in NASCAR's fucking faces.

The other Brandon can keep racing to fill his Depends around the world.

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I guess his store manager is mildly okay then since she isn't pushing vaccine mandates.

Edit: The local one near me. Not the one in the video.

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Saw this. Called a friend who works at my local Wal-Mart. He said the video smells of BS - not him, his supervisor, nor their store manager has heard anything come down the pipe about forcing the vaccine or tests. Yet. And this is in a blue city and supposedly state.

Could be local to that guy's area in the video. Take the information with a grain of salt. It is Wal-Mart after all.

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That isn't seppuku. That's his normal nightly ritual of plugging one of his two shit spewers.

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It takes very little to keep voting. Amongst doing other things. If we can't do something so simple to make it harder on them (and easier on us to catch them) then how can we claim to be ready and willing to do things much harder?

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We SHOULD keep voting. Why the fuck would we make it easier on them? Though I don't think it is the solution. Just another way to make life harder for those cheating pricks.

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So when people got excited over getting their MAGA hats after they were sold out for a long while, and posted pictures and talked about wearing them you feel it is cringe?

Because honestly I think our side could use some more pride in openly mocking our enemies. Plus if you live in a blue hell hole, it's nice when someone tells you they like the shirt. It's a little reminder that you aren't as alone in the sea of blue fecal matter as you once thought. Locally not alone.

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Steal something because you feel you are in the right.... sounds familiar. I think some evil twisted people did that to something very sacred and important recently.

Though they've yet to suffer consequences. Though we have been made to suffer because of it.

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For clarification. The first paragraph outlines that this is all in a situation where the child needs emergency care and neither the parent nor emergency contact can be reached.

Now the reason I said this is to ask the Pedeverse a question. What emergency situation would there ever be to give any immunization? Last I checked those are things that take time to kick in - even the old school real ones prior to the shitzine they give now. Does anyone know?

I do not, and wanted to see if anyone could think of any legit reason for this at all. Not because I'm on the side of the school - fuck em - but because I wanna see just how hard it may be to even twist and squint and try to figure out a legit reason.

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What isn’t real? Covid? It is real. Dr. Fraud himself helped fund it being created. It just isn’t as bad as they make it seem. Unless you’re really old and/or already have major health issues.

Potato Psaki having it? Prolly not real. She just got the shits from eating Jill’s cookies that were suppose to be for her husband. They were special cookies. The kind that help him be regular in his diapers.

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