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that 4th one, the box blonde ham planet, she's been on our radar for something before but i can't remember what...

something to do with BLM...

i think this dumb whore was the one handing out weapons from the box truck during the riots...

can't remember...

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the issue was they didn't witness him commit any crimes, it was all third hand. in that state you can't invoke a citizens arrest unless you see them do it.

calling the cops and following the guy from a distance would have been perfect. running up on him and pointing a gun in his face... you'd probably do the same thing... try to get the gun out of your face...

they fucked up.

they are gonna have to pay for it.

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the part that still shocks me is the number of people who still think Kyle "murdered three black people".

Like how in the fuck does that even happen?

the answer is "framing".

"kyle rittenhouse shot 3 peaceful protestors at an anti-racism gathering"

they allow the viewer to imagine the worst by not giving them the complete information.

it's completely intentional.

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wonder how many shares nancy just purchased

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hello dominoes? my son Frank is having a birthday today and i was wondering if you could make him a peperoni pizza with a big letter F for his first name... can you guys do that?


hello papa johns? my son Jerry...

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just use my password... click the "i forgot my password" link.

works everytime.

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this exactly

they tried to blame it on airdrop.

funny exchange though, lunchbox said "android" like it was beneath him, and the judge snaps back "i have an android".

it reminded me of the seinfeld "i had a pony"

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Thats what i'm thinking...

I mean think about it this way... they are super close to delivering a verdict and one of the last things they are seeing is the highest res version of the best view of the entire incident.

One of the last things that they wanted to see was Kyles best evidence.

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i'd rather let these idiots show their asses

keep convincing all your little programmed NPC's that kyle is a racist... send them off to cyberwarfare in the social media trenches to be mowed down with the actual aspects of the case.

one question:

"how is it racist against black people when a white/mexican shoots 3 white kids who were trying to murder him"?

that question is like a tactical nuke to the mind for these brainwashed idots.

i'm watching it happen all over the internet.

it's so cutting, and to the bone, that it's impossible not to take that statement on face value.

there is no more clearcut current example of media's lies that is more powerful than this.

imagine how stupid people are going to feel when they read that question for the first time... then go do 5 seconds of research...

keep hitting them with it, black fragility or not... (yes, this is a prime example)... thats not going to work as well as forcing them to image search the people in the case and find out all 4 of them are white, and kyle is part mexican...

this case exposes the soft white underbelly of the lie machine... take aim and fire at will.

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white kid shoots 3 white people who were trying to kill him = racisms?

at some point we need to stop asking "can these people get any dumber"... because they appear to be taking it as a challenge.

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right on brother... you'll know when it's time to fly it...

keep it ready.

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check out "black american flag" sales right now...

during the revolutionary war it was flown outside of homes to signify no quarter given to british soldiers... don't even try it.

buy one and be ready to fly it.

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“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

― H.L. Mencken, Prejudices: First Series

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You spent way too long blatantly lying about this kid to serve your degenerate commie narrative. You are only saying sorry now because Kyle is about to Sandman your face all over the concrete in civil suits.

Bottom line is this:

Without multiple angles of this shooting being uploaded to the internet by private citizen journalists the establishment media would have made sure Kyle got life in prison for defending himself.

Go read the headlines they are still running after bicep spaghetti fucked up on the stand the other day...

Private citizen journalists provided the evidence to expose everything and the "news" still pushes the lies knowing that some people are stupid enough to doubt their own eyes.

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They'll send him to a bunker somewhere or suicide him before letting anyone get a look at the stroke faced governor of commiefornia.

The meme's would be glorious. It would drive the 24 hour patriot news machine for a few weeks at least.

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With all the known blood and heart issues this has been causing, it's possible he had a massive stroke which changed his facial appearance... so they are hiding him.

Might explain it, it is kinda odd, if he died we probably would have heard about it.

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it's actually pretty simple...

flood the entire DC area with trump supporters and show the world that we aren't going to be cheated out of an election.

instead, the left brought in violent people to stage a Reichstag fire and told the capitol police to stand down and let people into the capitol.

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holy shit...

it would be hilarious if this was true, but i think they would have had the paper here already.

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notice the inclusion of "violently"

makes it easier to justify claiming something is "mostly false"

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crowdfund a top 10 list of things he has to put on his car for increasing moneys

start with something simple like a clown world logo or a patriots.win... largest reward tiers would include "kill all commies" in bold across the back with pepe flying a helicopter on the roof.

i mean imagine all the possibilities.

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One of these days people are going to figure out that the Chicom methods of infiltration, information gathering, and blackmail are behind just about every horrible thing that happens in this country.

They use all their twitfacesnaptagram data collection and email hacking to gather up personal and compromising information on everyone, including supreme court justices, then use that information to leverage them to do their bidding.

...and if they can't blackmail them, they bribe them with mountains of chinese money (printers go brrrrrr), then use that payoff as blackmail.

...and if all else fails... they've been infiltrating hollywood, business, politics, and education for decades (much more so in the last 10 years) so they can put pressure and influence on just about anyone at anytime.

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  • make them fire you
  • go find a better job
  • sue the shit out of them later

There's going to be class action lawsuits, you might as well join in and help punish companies who do this to people.

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I know a bunch of EMT's, the one thing they all say is they've noticed a strange uptick in blood clot related stuff and heart stuff.

all "vaxxed".

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no lie... you may be ADHD

we have a harder time falling asleep, and because of that a harder time waking up. it's hard to calm the mind down sometimes, can't shut it off, you just lay there thinking about everything and watching the hours tick by...

for example, you find yourself trapped in thought loops, lots of circular thinking. "gotta do this to do that but can't do that until i do the other thing and it would be cool if i could get this other thing to help me do this one thing that i want but i can't do any of that till i get the first thing done...

thought comes to mind... i should start a new business...

but if i do that i'd have to do this and then i'd need the other thing first so maybe i should do this thing instead but in order to do that i need to do this which requires me to do these 4 things first...

i should learn how to weld... but mig or tig or just stick welding... i mean harbor freight has some good deals but it's risky... could be shit, i should just spend the extra on a trusted brand so i know i'll have fewer issues. and do i even have room for a welder?

i should clean my shed, but to do it right i need to buy some organizers and hooks... maybe pegborad... but what are the best hooks for the pegboard and do i want the compressed fiber kind or the hard plastic... wonder what the temp is at which the plastic starts to get too cold and brittle therefore unable to hold the weight of heavy objects like a cordless drill with battery...

i should buy a new cordless combo pack... but so many of them are such a ripoff, it's hard to find a good one that doesn't include a bunch of fluff and filler that i don't need just to give the combo a higher "pieces" number...

i wonder which cordless tool company, if any, have made anti-white or pro-degenerate statements or invoked any CRT policies on their workforce...

thats like 5 minutes... rinse repeat.

it's a nightmare sometimes, and depending on my level of tired i'm doing research all along the way, checking prices on things, researching company histories, watching youtube videos about the subject.

my youtube suggestions are that of a shared computer, it has no idea what to throw me.

i'm not a victim of anything, i just have to know how my head works and adapt and overcome...

melatonin, work hard during the day so i'm tired at night, no caffeine after 2 or 3, try to limit screen time close to bed time...

not saying you for sure have ADHD, but it wouldn't hurt to read about common signs and perhaps adjust your behavior and habits to accommodate for it.

it's like finding out late in life that you're slightly allergic to onions... your entire life you've just thought you had a weak stomach because onions are in lots of food you like... you always got the shits but never made the connection...

stop eating onions, take solid shits.

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