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Just empty your bank account. It’s quicker more effective and you should have done it years ago anyway. It’s the best weapon we have trump arrested cash out of the bank.

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Hello glow fags 👋 come on out and say hello.

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The argument is something to do with campaign finance. Not sure why paying shut up money to hookers is a problem. But that is what he claim

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Anyone thinking that the government is going to uphold justice at this point is a fucking moron. I’m surprised they didn’t hold the girl in contempt for racism

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If you mean trump the first time. I absolutely believe there was massive anti trump fraud in the 2016 election. But team blue doesn’t understand why people would like trump so they were unable to understand how many people would support him and didn’t cheat enough. That’s why you saw Hillary react the way she did. Not cause she couldn’t believe she wasn’t the chosen one. But because she knew how much they cheated and still didn’t win. Notice that in all the rage about trump winning not one person wanted a recount? Or to audit the election. Cause they knew there was fraud and didn’t want to get caught. Rest assured they won’t ever make the same mistake again. Leaving us with a thirsty tree, a country of cowards, and no real hope for the future of America.

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You do remember that your vote doesn’t count right? You can’t vote your way out of tyranny. So y’all might want to start working on a plan for when joe Biden, the best and most popular President in American history wins against trump again. In the second most secure election in history. Cause trump will lose even with 200 million votes. Wake up you suckers.

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There is no justice. So we need to act like it. Prepare for what is coming and get smart

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Any ‘benefits’ your job gives you that isn’t cash in you hand isn’t yours. Stop falling for that bull shit dumb asses.

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