Times up for traitors! (media.patriots.win)
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The Cuck of Kabul (media.patriots.win)
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Just one, or show me the standard the Dems are using to justify this! Why in the fuck would any government let anyone who isn’t a citizen vote, if there is a country let me know so I can start voting for the dumbest person running!



Are we going to put up with our country being stolen, sold out and Fucked over? How much of this bullshit are we going to take before someone does something, I’m sick of this shit and I know y’all are too, I’m in Texas if anyone wants to start a militia or knows of one in the Dallas area hit me up cause I’m not gonna wait till it’s too late to start to train and fight back!


That is all


The news in Dallas is telling me I don’t have any electricity cause of a light dusting of snow! Bull shit I believe the Biden administration is punishing Texans for fighting election fraud and wanting to succeed by using the energy companies to cut out power during the coldest time of the year here, welcome to Biden’s America where if you don’t fall in line with the narrative you get your utilities cut! Other cities get 100 times more snow than we do in Dallas, so you’re telling me they can have power all day but here in Texas we can’t have our power on? What’s the point on turning on my power for 15 minutes to shut it off again for 45 minutes and it’s not just my house it’s my entire town, started last night around midnight they started to shut off power, I’ve never been so cold in my life, Fuck Biden and his fucking bullshit war on energy independence, I believe he’s doing this and I believe it’s 100% intentional!


If we can get the message out to the millions to stop paying taxes what can the irs do about it they can’t process us all at the same time and the system would get backed up for years. Fuck it not my President not my fucking tax dollars see you in court bitches


An online store that we can buy stuff kind of like a Patriot ETSY where we can get the hottest Patriot Party Swag made by patriots for patriots


His new social media page when ever he lands on one! Fuck you inept faggots, you’re either bad at your jobs or just dumb as all fuck! Either way the FBI needs to be dissolved and you need to be shamed out of the country!

Does anyone know the identity of the capital policeman that shot the lady? We all knew who Chauvin was an hour after the Floyd bullshit! But I haven’t seen a statement from the SS or capital police after the shooting, just that bullshit press conference saying 4 people were dead after the protest. I don’t really care who he is I just want to know if his name has been released or if there is an investigation into it.


I’m fucking sick of hearing people say Americans have no culture! Fuck you! Have you ever eaten a hotdog at a baseball game, have you ever celebrated 4th of July, or thanksgiving, had a cook out or bbq, as a kid did you ever dress up as a cowboy from the Wild West, have you ever read a book or seen a documentary about the gold rush, shot a gun, used free speech, had the freedom of choice when it comes to politics or religion, THIS IS AMERICAN CULTURE!!! THIS IS OUR CULTURE!!! FUCK ANYONE SAYING AMERICANS HAVE NO CULTURE THEY ARE NOT TRUE AMERICANS AND SHOULD PROBABLY FUCK BACK OFF TO WHERE THEY FEEL CULTURED!!! I don’t understand many cultures around the world and I dare say they don’t understand ours! This land is my home, this culture is mine and I’ll die defending it!


While it’s ok to shove every black movie, personality, sports star, politician down my throat, why? Why is it not ok for me to be proud of and celebrate my white American history and European heritage? I’m not talking KKK or white supremacy, just a little group or meeting where we as white people can celebrate white history and the advances made to civilization by whites. Why doesn’t Amazon video or Netflix have a white voices menu? It seems like my entire life I’ve been told to respect black people, don’t be mean to kids of color and be accepting of them but they can talk all the shit they want and ostracize whites as the devil? I’m just wondering why, the race that screams and riots over racism is one of if not the most racist race out of all. As a white straight male it seems I have no place in this world, I feel like it’s making me think this way it’s making me feel being an extremist is the only way to go, I don’t want to, I just want to mind my business and keep to myself and go about my day but even that is racist cause “silence is violence”, this is all just so surreal and strange to me. I’ve never done anything to hurt anyone in my life I’ve never even been in a fight so why am I being treated like a fucking asshole for things whites have done in the past, it’s just weird and I don’t get it.


After Trump is rightfully given his second term we need to not only focus on draining the swamp, we should also start taking the threat of China and the Mexican Cartels very serious!

ONE MORE TIME!! (media.patriots.win)
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