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Trump made awful picks. Let’s be honest.

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How many accounts does anaconda have

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you’re the reason our side will always lose

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Afraid? Bidens approval has plummeted and issues were piling up. Giving the libs an issue to change the subject and rally around is a bad idea.

Churchgoing is down like a rock and most Americans aren’t that passionately against this. Abortion will be a rallying cry for them and a big nothing for our aide.

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This is bad timing in my opinion. Momentum was with us and I think this will change the subject to the classic hot button issues that have shifted GREATLY in society. Abortion is supported by a majority of American in the same way gay marriage was a hot button issue and then shifted over. This will rally democrats and far left to be on the same team about something

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What’s the shock? The 100-200 are probably conservatives. Support of ivermectin follows closely to party lines

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You survived a terror attack from the Chinese. Don’t downplay it

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You’re wrong. They aren’t delusional. This is closer to happening than you want to believe is possible.

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Attorney told him to say this obviously. Unless it’s on camera you can’t actually prove that he “pulled the trigger” and you might be lucky enough to convince one retard juror that it fired on its own

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Donald Trump hires idiots like they are going out of business. This was his biggest downfall. He hired absolute morons at every turn. He is probably the worst at hiring in history. Demoncrats always get loyalists

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How is that winning? The country is dying and demoncrats are leading the way. These are victories to you??

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