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windor royal family are not english, are not from england, they are not anglo-saxon at all, but foreginers, outsiders from austro-hungarian khazar bloodlines ruling over the local people, the principal sovereign european dynasties around 1500 ad

thats why the windsors,stuarts, hanovers, tudors etc are all so ugly, unremarkable, low intelligence, with very poor genetics, starting with generation 25 - 27 1500 ad the foregin inbreeding begins (strangely inline with development of the modern banking system)

are all so unnaturally ugly with dysmorphic feature, haemophilia, 'Habsburg Jaw' and other genetic disorders from rampant inbreeding, with average inbreeding coefficient of .093, strict protocols of interbreeding to keep the power and wealth to one single group of outsiders

1648 Oliver Cromwell was hired by the Khazarians to kill King Charles 1, a great reset to allow free banking (fiat money aka counterfeit money from nothing, pernicious usury) in england again with the Great English Civil War for a decade which killed of the majority of the true english anglo-saxon royal family and hundreds of genuine anglo-saxon noble familys, all replaced with intermarriage, baby-swapping with german/austrian royal families who themselves are intermixed with khazarian royal bloodlines or selected as their familiars

800-900 AD the surrounding christian nations gave an ultimatum to the khazarian royal families that the must select for their people one of the 3 abrahamic religions or be completely wiped out, those chose judiasm, as a placecard cutout to hide behind and use, in 944 AD Sviatoslav I Igorevich of russia completely annihilated the khazaria kingdom and the royal court fled into hinding dispersing into the european royal courts with their vast wealth and esoteric practices

the ruling court of khazaria were not even people from that region itself who are mongol-turks, but outsiders from ancient arab babaylon, practicing Babylonian Talmudism - the worship of Baal (Hadad, Adad, Iškur) "lord of divination, a lord over anything; to grant great forbidden knowledge on exchange for sacrifice of blood, life, espically child-sacrifce" babylonian transmutative sorcery that involves esoteric metaphics, rituals & symbolizism to manifest power" later hidden behind the front of judiasm for survival and the excuse that jews be the chosen people to control the world, while non-jews (goyim) would become their slaves

by Tesic
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never really understood how depraved Sodom and Gomorrah were

but seeing this i understand now what to be "wicked" truly means, standing guard for others to rape children

and why god completely destroyed both cities to ash

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national guard are not heroes

US Military stood by and did nothing when enemies, foreign & domestic, stole the US election in broad daylight

oath breakers, unworthy of the uniform, respect, & honor

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everyone from that generation are faggots

its the faggot generation

well almost everyone, the ones who arnt are extraordinary always

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i see , thank you for explaining in great detail the truth of whats going there !

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oh was she popular ? i have no idea, thought she was just minor runner or something

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“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” ― Benito Mussolini (the inventor of fascism)

basically the synergy of globalists, national governments, medical tyranny via huge corporations / big pharma = true fascism in its ultimate form

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but.. Azov battalion.. are literally real Nazis

the ukrainian SS battalion, which it is descended from, is extremely infamous - even the german SS units thought they were too extreme and brutal

so must be a faked elon post too, he surely must be more educated on history and facts than that

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yes indeed the anacyclosis cycle of democracy:

RULE BY THE MIDDLE CLASS* - When a middle class obtains political rights for its military or fiscal contributions, alongside oligarchy emerges true democracy.

PLUTOCRACY STRIKES BACK - When the state attains military supremacy, its plutocrats siphon the world’s wealth, plundering citizen and foreigner alike.

GAME OF DEMAGOGUES - When the state’s middle class collapses, the people rally behind demagogues who denounce plutocrats and foreigners.

RETURN OF THE MONARCH - The demagogue who ends the civil strife returns political society to some form of monarchy, thus completing the cycle.


RULE BY THE STRONGEST - When scarcity prevails and humanity struggles to survive, people submit to the power of the strongest man.

RULE BY KINGS - When the state attains security and stability, rulers derive authority from the approbation and loyalty of their subjects.

RULE BY TYRANTS - When kings or usurpers abuse the people and violate custom, kingship degenerates into an oppressive tyranny.

RULE BY THE NOBILITY - When the state’s leading men curtail tyranny and restore law and custom, tyranny is subdued by the aristocracy.

RULE BY THE WEALTHY - When the leading dynasties oppress their own citizens, aristocracy becomes an oppressive oligarchy or plutocracy.

REPEAT FOREVER - (rule by the middle class*>>>)

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matching the greek origin of phobe, -aedia from ἀηδής meaning disgust, revulsion, distaste

-misiac for hate



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so you support Azov Nazis, ok

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who said it wasnt just a CIA asset, all a little show for a little agenda, no one will ever be caught or some poor scapegoat

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video of ukranian azov nazi murdering russian pow with knife, multiple chest stabs then stab into the eye until the brain: https://litter.catbox.moe/7wvlrd.mp4

his last moments before being murdered https://files.catbox.moe/un160e.mp4

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her husband literally has HIV now, she has a responsibility to protect herself and her children from the aids man

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ah yes a foundational nazi tactic, hiding behind civilian human shields

reminds me of the Wolhynia massacre in Odessa Ukraine 2014, neo-nazi Azov battalion and ultra-far right civilians who serve the Kiev-junta oligarchs, gunned down, burned and mutilated unarmed ukranians who were holding a peaceful demonstrations while the police stood by and watched

the keiv-junta is the installed puppet gov by the US via coup involving the CIA, Anti-Maidan were the demonstrators who called for peace & unity between Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia and to stop the ethnic genocides being committed by the nazi Azov battalion against non-slav minorities in west ukraine.

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its definitely him, a single ladies spoof from 2009 https://youtu.be/kgOSrw9Q8rc?t=28

sick fuck is probably a massive pedophile they always are, all the Kiev-junta are

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