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It began during occupy Wallstreet.

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The parasite theory is really fascinating actually, until of course it became popular and this infected with ideology. But the premise was simple: parasites want to maximize their chance if survival. So a lot of parasites were linked to curing allergies or reducing their symptoms because they released hormones that suppressed allergic responses to their own presence.

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What does that have to do with the case? What is the lawyer even trying to prove?

so you admit to being overly focused on the welfare of children, just because you've seen examples of government officials abusing them and getting away with it, despite the threat that your concern raises against people's blind trust in government?

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Wrong .win fag, this is Patriots, you're looking for Qtards. They're over on great awakening, but knowing things is probably not your greatest strength so you're welcome.

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Enjoy the gay orgys

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Reeeeeee harder neocon fag

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Maga is not traditional conservatism

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I know! I'll tell the maga people they're entitled to no ones hand outs! The most insulting thing you can do to someone evaaaar!

Well, at least he didn't misgender us.

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You're right. No one deserves anything. Meanwhile, your entitled ass misses a dose of hormone therapy and hang yourself.

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Just a casual reminder that nature wants to kill you.

Edit: I've listened to all the Pro-shark propaganda about how misunderstood sharks are, that when they attack humans, its almost never to eat them and I don't care. If a shark rips off your leg, your not gonna be like "at least he didn't eat it". If we got rid of great whites people won't miss the good days when you could go surfing and lose your arm at the sane time.

And yes, this is personal for me. I hate sharks, I want them dead and it's why I throw used car batteries in the ocean.

Loll by Maaam
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In the first Jurassic Park, Allen Grant had to buckle for the helicopter landing but only had two female ends that wouldn't "mate", In a rush, he finds a way by just tying them together. Later in the movie we learn all the dinosaurs are female and thus cannot mate, but eventually they too find a way.

Good movie. 10/10

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Probably because as one of the young girls abused by our elites, she has some inflammatory content they don't want. It doesn't even have to be whistle-blower level things, or client lists, just a negative disposition in a direction they don't want.

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