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Oh they did. Now I got kicked out of college. No education for me and millions the same. But thanks God we have guns I guess. Life is certainly better in America

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The 2nd Amendment is actually holding us back. It gives us the illusion that we are free.

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Why would they need to put you in the gulag? They can just vaccinate you and turn you into a subhuman.

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"Too bad they don't have guns" is what cucked Americans say as they watch Australians make their stand against tyranny.

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Illegal aliens are the new U.S. (globohomo regime satanic empire) citizens. We the American people are the invaders.

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We gotta suspend the Constitution and throw all of these people into where they belong

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It's pretty pathetic for conservatives that some bitch from the hood Hollyweird elite is fighting harder against the tyranny and having stronger convictions and integrity than the entire conservative movement. Just imagine if all conservatives acted like her.

What Nicki does:

The enemy: you're racist

Nicki: I'll slit your throat bitch

What we do:

The enemy: you're racist

Us: uuuh uuh n-no we are not!! acchtually.. please believe me! We love all people!

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Race is more important than culture. Everyone is racially motivated except white people. White people are the only ones parading this "culture over race" charade when everyone else is playing the race game. Makes you wonder why White Americans are the most pathetic group in America.

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And I care? 80 million Americans are 2nd class citizens here at home. The media made you care more about the government workers in Afghanistan.

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You are not alone. I'm sick that these soulless political types are trying to make her the next Candace Owens. I mean it's great that she's anti-vax, but she will never be allowed in our tent.

Boomer conservatards will literally accept and celebrate demonic baby blood drinker teaching twerking to 10 year olds and raping babies from Hollyweird as long as they support Trump. When the fuck are conservatives going to have real principles and convictions? It's why we are losing this political struggle.

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This whole migration bullshit was never about voting. They don't care about these people's votes. They can just rig elections if they want.

They care about replacing the population. They care about KILLING WHITE PEOPLE.

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Yup. People need to start thinking of creating a parallel society. We have a lot of political capital stretching from Montana to Florida. Let's utilize that.

You won't help the Confederacy by being pro slavery advocate in Pennsylvania. You won't help the Union by being anti slavery in South Carolina.

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