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Raptor I and II are full flow, staged combustion engines. NASA and the russians thought it was impossible and gave up on every full flow staged combustion design they tried for decades.

Does that make money?

Or is it a lamborghini for a taxi cab and a waste?

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but once each cancer is cured in this very specific way it is forever cured and documented

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you can’t just do that.

You can't look at the horse nebula

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What if a cancerous mass is made of cells that need different unique proteins to pop? How do you pop them all

Start with the most prolific. The bulk mass of the tumor

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Yes sir I'm talking about the difference between carpet bombing and a very specific laser guided Warhead

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Every human cell is surrounded by a cellular membrane.

There is proteins in existence that pop them open like balloons.

POP! No more cell.

Let's start over. Every single cell. Plant or animal cell is surrounded by a cellular membrane. With the correct protein you can pop that cellular membrane open compromising the cell itself.

The solution to every single form of cancer is to use super computing to map all known protein folds then match the specific proteins configuration that breaks open the very specific cancer cell while leaving surrounded cells alone.

Cancerous cellular membranes are different structurally. They can be targeted specifically.

Translation: You can build the world's largest data center to simulate protein folds that act like keys that unlock every single known cancer. One by one.

Unlock meaning: no cellular cohesion.

So here is the trick at the end.

Why do that?


Instead... here me out. We cam send 400 billion to Ukraine and then do it in secret away from Americans beyond their eyes and controls.

And keep it for ourselves. Among other things.

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It's a solvable problem easier than the atomic bomb.

You have rogue cells. Eliminate them.

Every single cellular membrane that exists can be unlocked by a single protein of the proper configuration.

Every single one.

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That was an incredible woman who could attract a man fat or skinny because her personality was uniquely feminine and inviting.

That's about the highest praise I can give a woman.

She was a treasure

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So where is the "I want to hang pedophile" candidate?

That's my guy!!!

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Mr Bolton what is your plan for the economy?

"We are gonna invade a middle eastern country"

Ok and what will that do for the economy?

"The economy?"

This will be his entire campaign. I'm calling it right now.

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Russia makes really good rocket motors. And very universe in application.

Really cheap. Like AK-47s they are cheaper than a good business suit and more reliable than a Toyota truck.

But congress demanded American motors. Elon hired a rocket motor builder guy and it was done.

But the rocket motor builder guy is now out on his own starting his own venture.

Elon said recently if they do not get Starship working they will go belly up.

Starship makes zero sense.

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Or maybe SpaceX sold dollar bills for seventy five cents and you can do that years... and years... and years.

Commercial launch to save cost was NASA's idea. They pitched the idea to congress. They told SpaceX how to build a rocket and was there with them every step of the way teaching them how to pass testing.

SpaceX is taking in billions in loans and hundreds of millions from launching. And they are still going bankrupt. Elon says they will go bankrupt. Not me.

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You are an already conquered people get that s*** through your head.

They gave you trailers and alcohol the exact same thing they did to the Native Americans.

You are the new Native Americans

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The Department of Defense would give any one of us a launch contract Elon Musk was just the first guy to go for it

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Let's just rename America to Israel

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I will tell you guys the end of the investigation.

" we found that the chip does not actually do what the person claimed"

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If advances in computing were in fact exponential a computer capable of calculating more than the entire known universe would have been constructed Feb 2014. (Rose's law)

It didn't happen.

I'll will totally sell you AI insurance though.

Give me 5 grand today and if your family line is wiped out by AI I'll just use time dilation to bring your family back.

Time dilation is just simple applied mechanic of quantum temporal chronology.

It's easy. Using exponential computing power we will be time traveling in no time at all.

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95% of your elected politicians is supported by Isreal.


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